Must there be an image?

30 April 2017

SIG: Contemporary

Must there be an image?

This afternoon I took a drive, partly to scope out some future photo adventures but also to shake off some cabin fever.  It’s been raining hard, a big storm travelling across the central USA.  In the famous novel On the Road by Jack Kerouac, protagonist Sal Paradise considers hitchhiking on US route 6 to Nevada, but is told by a driver that "there's no traffic passes through 6".  It turns out a small stretch of route 6 runs east from where I’m staying this week south of Chicago… time for an adventure to check it out.

Through thickening fog, springs attempt to break out is quashed.  Passing through small towns, steel towns I see abandoned, sometimes burned out houses, businesses and barns.  At some light stops and corners I’m wondering how this adventure might turn out if the car broke-down (things look rough).  Traffic is light, but there are cars, used cars, wrecked cars… I’m passing trailer parks with manicured lawns, others without, tidy new estates of aluminium sided houses (trailer parks looked nicer), strip malls, drive through churches.  The scenery suddenly begins to open (showing more fog), Amish furniture barns, old wooden sided housing, wooden barns and as I get closer to the lake I see wrecked boats and fishing bait sales.  I end the trip turning north off route 6 into Blackhawk country, finding my way to Michigan City.

Looking for images is perhaps as important as pushing the button?

Image (the one for the day): Northern Indiana Public Service Company