Doris, how good to meet you again

02 February 2017

SIG: Contemporary

I first met Doris at the 2016 International Photobook Exhibition, I had quite a few giggles at Jeff Hutchinson’s book “Five Days in Northumberland with Doris and some random acquaintances” and identified many traits of my own mother – also from that part of the world.  I wondered whether I’d meet Doris again and was very happy to see her this week in the latest Contemporary Photography journal (Number 66, Winter 2017).  I’m looking forward to her next adventures.

If I were to try something similar to Jeff’s book, the title would have to be “One sided conversations” and the topic perhaps Trump’s Mexican wall.  The subjects would be my mother and my father-in-law, both with severe hearing problems and both rarely using their hearing aids.

If you were to create a photobook based on relatives what would be the title?