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25 January 2017

SIG: Contemporary

I just found a great series of images in the December edition of The Chemical Engineer, the beauty of the colourful abstracts a counterpoint to the fact that the images are mostly documenting the impact of industrial activities on the landscape.  They come from a photobook showing the beauty and destruction of industrial sites which illustrate the hidden impacts of our human activity – the polluted air and destroyed habitats.  Some of the images in the book are available to view via


Staying with science I found in the September edition of the same engineering magazine (ok, I’ve been busy and not had much spare time for my backlog of magazines!) some more great images, this time from the students of Imperial College London’s Department of Chemical Engineering.  You can take a look at their Student Image Competition 2016 at (which will take you to the department’s Facebook page); some of the pictures are more conventional but it’s those which are “about” the science and engineering discipline are best in my opinion.


It’s clear that Contemporary images can be found anywhere – not just in photographic press.  Does anyone in the RPS Contemporary group have any examples to share?

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Peter Ellis
26 January 2017

Great articles....

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