Ready for the River?

25 March 2017

SIG: Contemporary

It’s now less than two weeks to go until the Contemporary SIG’s conference “Tales of Two Rivers” featuring Yang Wan Preston and Polly Braden.

Preston’s current in-progress work has recently won first place in the Professional category in the Syngenta Photography Award.  Responding to the theme of Grow/Conserve her “Forest” series explores new forests being created in Chinese cities according to traditional aesthetics seeking harmony between man and environment.  A major work completed from Preston covers the great Yangtse river’s journey from its source in the Tibetan Plateau to the sea at Shanghai.  Making these images was a modern adventure facing high altitudes, off-road travel, floods, earthquakes and landslides

Polly Braden is a documentary photographer who, working with David Campany, has created another river story.  The River Lea stretches from the Chiltern Hills, near Luton, through east London, meeting the Thames at the Millennium Dome.   “Adventures in the Lea Valley” documents the valley and its inhabitants during the time before, during and after the developments of the 2012 London Olympics.

The opportunity to learn how these artists work and perhaps how to improve my own work is exciting.  There’s an opportunity to discuss and review work with people at the conference – bring along your images or photobook project and get some feedback.

I’ll be making my way up to Birmingham on Saturday 8th April, will you?



FYI The Syngenta Grow/Conserve photography exhibition is at Somerset House in London until 28th March

The Mother River project can be reviewed at

Adventures in the Lea Valley can be viewed at


‚ÄčImage (c) Yang Wan Preston