These Gates in Constant Use

12 February 2019

SIG: Contemporary

Cars have become so present in our lives.  Looking back at street images from even as recently as the 1980s we see relatively few cars in the streets, but now car ownership is so prevalent and the vehicles themselves so big that we’re beginning to struggle to find places to put them.

I came across a couple of images contrasting the viewpoint of an adult and that of a child faced with negotiating a path in a car park on the Contemporary Group’s Facebook pages and asked the post’s author, Contemporary SIG member Andy Thorpe, if he had been shooting similar scenarios to create a series of images.  Andy duly posted his series in his RPS Member Gallery -  take a look, I’m sure you will have seen many of the issues he highlights through this work.  Bringing behaviours to attention as photographers is perhaps one way we can reduce the impact of vehicles on pedestrians?

If you’ve been shooting issues based images why not create a Member Gallery and share the link in the comments?


Image © Andy Thorpe ARPS