Creative Eye Group members' field trip to Kew Gardens

29 November 2018

SIG: Creative Eye

The Society’s Chief Operating Officer, Mike Taylor, Membership Manager, Simon Bibb and Gary Evans took an active part in the Group’s day out at the Gardens, organised by David and Joan Jordan.

After a lot of interest, around 25 participants met up at the Garden’s Victoria Gate.

Splitting up into two groups, David leading one group and Joan the other, and with a few people deciding to explore the Gardens on their own, we visited the Palm House, the Waterlily House, the Princess of Wales Conservatory and the newly refurbished Temperate House.

Our visit to the Hive, which is an amazing piece of British engineering and resembling a giant beehive, gave us a magical experience of a living beehive and with the installation’s thousands of lights and soundscape, it captured a wonderful feel of the extraordinary life of the honeybees.

With David and Joan’s knowledge of the Gardens and photography, we were able to exchange lots of ideas over lunchtime and also to encourage people to enter the friendly photo competition between the two botanic gardens. Many benefitted from the superb technical advice from David and about their cameras and lenses, which helped them to capture their excellent creations taken at the Gardens.


Thank you, David and Joan!