Creative Eye Group visits IWM Duxford

20 October 2018

SIG: Creative Eye

David Ryland: 'The weather was perfect and the whole place full of interest and spectacle.  Well worth a visit if you have not been.' Miss Helen is a P51 Mustang:

Barry Freeman: 'I thought the visit to Duxford by the Essex/Suffolk Discussion Group was one of the best the Group  have ever organised. It was most enjoyable even if I was confined to a wheel chair, following a minor accident. This restriction meant that I was somewhat limited in what I could photograph, so I did a lot close-up of parts of aircraft. However, my image here is of the MIG21 Russian fighter (NATO Fishbed):

Peter Cox: 'I found the day an enjoyable challenge but would be more confident in my choice of kit if we went again. A pity the American Museum was not open. My image is of twin Spitfires taking off:

Barry Collin: 'A great day, perfect weather, lots of aircraft, a pity the American Museum was closed. I've decided to become a member to make more visits with member benefits. The day's highlight for me was a brilliant talk on the Lancaster and Bomber Command.' My image is of a Canberra I managed to sneak out of the hangar and set free:

Matthew Clarke: 'It was a great day at Duxford.' My image is of a French WW1 aircraft engine:

Gill Beckett: 'I've never been to Duxford before, so it was great to see everhthing, but, for me the highlight of the day was getting to set foot on Concorde.' My image, I call Flower Power:

Bill Coles: ‘My previous visits to Duxford had been on flight days, so this was my first time visiting the Museums. It was an excellent day out, so much to see and the weather was perfect. The American exhibits were closed, so another visit to Duxford is imminent.' Bill's image is One of The Few: