Creative Eye Group’s Greenwich Field Trip took place on Saturday 29th June

18 July 2019

SIG: Creative Eye

With the temperatures rising, the trip fell on the hottest day in June for 40 years, reaching 34C at Greenwich.

After meeting up with everyone at the Cutty Sark, Dave and Joan Jordan, who had organised the day, led the party towards the Queen’s House. The House was pleasant and welcoming from the scorching sun outside. Learning about the history, we explored from room to room, then the Great Hall and to the famous sweeping Tulip Stairs.

At this point, Dave Jordan set a challenge: come up with a new and creative image of this beautiful and much-photographed staircase.

We had an enjoyable lunch at the Café Rouge, then back to discover more. The Astronomy Photographer of the Year Competition was on display in the gallery at the National Maritime Museum, which was a treat to see. A few participants managed to climb the hill to the Observatory, but unfortunately, the heat was a bit too much for some.

Moira Ellice ARPS