Creative Eye Group 2019 AGM and Exhibition Selection Day

02 March 2019

SIG: Creative Eye

On 24th February, 2019 we held our 28th AGM and the new Committee was voted in.

Following this, in front of an audience of about 50 members, William Cheung FRPS selected a good and varied exhibition in a diligent and efficient manner. Our thanks go to him.

We had a very good entry of 242 projected images from 61 entrants and 165 prints from 43 entrants.



The vast majority of images were formatted and numbered exactly in accordance with the instructions which made life so much easier for Matthew Clarke our Exhibition Secretary.

142 projected images were selected together with 116 prints which together will make for a stunning exhibition at Wingfield Barns, Smethwick PS and Edinburgh PS later in the year.

Matthew is sending individual emails to all entrants with their results.

Lists of accepted will then appear on the About Us page of our website together with awards images.

Later in the month expect to see slideshows of both exhibitions also in our website.