Creative Eye's Day with Vanda Ralevska

17 October 2019

SIG: Creative Eye

Vanda: "Photography for me, similarly to the Magnum photographer Jacob Aue Sobol, is all about emotion; feelings that the surrounding world and the experience of being in it evoke within me."

"Don't be down; when you feel depressed, just look around at the beauty all around you."

"When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice. From Robert Frank."

"We had a day looking at beautiful pictures taken by a photographer with beauty in her soul."

"Vanda relived for us the emotions she felt at the time of taking these moving images."

"In the last 20 years this was certainly the best photographer presentation we have attended."

"Inspiring, infectious."

"She's made me want to go to the Lake District and look for different views regardless of the weather and, oh yes, take lots of pictures in the rain because there is a better saturation in the colour especially when you take woods in the rain." Also reflections in puddles and people with umbrellas."

"I've promised her I'll get up early this Christmas on Lake Bled to catch the Blue Hour, also stay out for the evening Blue Hour."

"Vanda did a period of attending portrait classes and her portraits of models looked beautiful, but she was not able to succeed as a self-employed photographer because working as a professional she was not able to enjoy her photography; it did not give her the opportunity to to develop her style or to take her type of photography. It was it was doing photography to order, she said for a price not enjoyment."

Everyone who spoke said what a fantastic day it had been, many said 'the best ever'.

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