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                         ** Creating images that stimulate the emotions
                                imaginations and senses of the viewer **



Both 2017 Exhibitions may now be viewed as individual images or as slideshows - see the relative Exhibition page on the right.

A small selection of images from our 2017 Projected Image Exhibition follows.

A small selection of images from our 2017 Printed Exhibition can be seen lower down this page..

The 6 medal winners together with a complete list of acceptances may be viewed on the relative exhibition page listed on the right.


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Our aim is to encourage the development of photography as a means of expression and as a vehicle for the author to make a personal photographic statement.

You certainly do not have to employ derivative or manipulative techniques to be creative. We look for personal expression in which the photographer seeks to stimulate the imagination and arouse the emotions of the viewer.


The medium can be print or projected image, monochrome or colour, for it is the personal input of the photographer which makes the description as creative appropriate.


Imagination: The key, we think, to creative photography. It is, surely, unique to each of us. It is often said that two photographers standing side by side will not see the same picture. The creative photographer will think that bit differently; see that bit differently and consequently end up with a more unusual, interesting or thought provoking interpretation.

Home Groups: Informal meetings of members from a particular locality are encouraged to provide an opportunity for informal discussion and the sharing of expertise in all techniques.

National meetings are held three times a year usually in Cambridgeshire because it is centrally located to the majority of our members, who live in the East Anglia, South East, Central and Thames Valley regions. Thus, it is hoped, more members will feel able to attend.

The 'Creative Eye' is the magazine of the Group and is issued three times a year. Contributions are encouraged via both pictures and the written word. The Creative Group also provides this web site as a modern means of communication of its affairs and to publish members' images.

We also have an active Electronic Imaging Portfolio Group, members of which exchange images via email. [See separate page "E.I.P.G."] Overseas Members can participate fully in both the magazine and the email group. If you would like more information on the EIPG please email David Harris.

Our recent award winning images may be viewed on our Print and Projected Image Exhibition pages.