CHAIR: Janet Haines  ARPS

Janet joined the RPS and DIG several years ago and found it an inspiring environment.  She says "I learnt to do a lot of my creative work in the early days by either using the DIGIT tutorials written by members, or trying to imitate others work. Taking the various Distinctions has also helped enormously to improve the quality my work."  Now working mainly in the art nude genre, much of her work is montage or textural photographic art.
Taking on the role as DIG Chair in February 2014, she has also been a past Secretary to DIG.

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Secretary: Janet Davies ARPS

Janet is still thrilled to have been awarded the ARPS a few years ago, and her journey started way back when she was given a Brownie 127 which used black and white film. Now she has moved from the monochrome darkroom into the Digital World where, although the camera may not lie, there is certainly a lot of software to help us do so. She considers this to be great fun! There have been a few bumps along the way, for example when her career reached  the stage where there was little time to pursue any hobbies. Now she belongs to two local camera clubs, being happy to work on both committees, and tends to use her photographs to make books and AVs, with specific aims in mind.

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Treasurer: Lynda Simpson LRPS

Lynda's interest in photography began on a Whale watching trip and with more travel came a passion for photography. She is currently External Competitions Secretary for King's Lynn and District Camera Club, and within 18 months of joining the club, and with the encouragement and advice from club members was awarded her LRPS from the Royal Photographic Society in June 2014.


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Recruitment: Alan Bousfield ARPS

Alan has been interested in wildlife imagery from an early age, and was envious of people like David Attenborough and his BBC Wildlife cameramen. He would have loved a career in photography, but alas his parents convinced him engineering was a better option.
In 2004 with a chance of very early retirement, it was time for a career change, and what better than photography!! On his doorstep was Blackpool College, renowned worldwide for it Photography Degree Course. On making further enquiries, he discovered they had started to run a degree course in Wildlife Photography. Having obtained an unconditional place on the course, he decided early retirement wasn’t on the cards for him. Over the next 5 years Alan juggled academia and work, eventually obtaining an Honours Degree in Wildlife Photography from Lancaster University in July 2009.
Having previously been a student member of the RPS, in 2004, Having completed his degree in 2009 he decided to apply for ARPS Exemption status, allowing him to work for a Fellowship, which he failed at his first attempt. But, not to be deterred, he is currently working on two different panels.

In December 2016 Alan took over as Centre Organiser for the DIG Thames Valley Centre and has also taken on the responsibility for DIG Recruitment.

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Projected Digital Image Competition: David Taylor LRPS

Davids’ interest in photography started over 60 years ago when his father showed him how to hold a camera and even more exciting was the introduction to the darkroom, and the interest grew from those very exciting years. The love of the art of photography has always played a part in his life, having a camera to hand where ever he goes - always on the lookout for the unexpected. In 2004 he gained his LRPS and joined the DIG and the Nature group, and recently answered the call for volunteers for the committee, and at the point decided it was time to give something back to the group. His area of expertise is in the world of virtual computers and this takes him around the world delivering virtualisation training programmes to IT staff

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Membership: Rex Waygood

Rex is currently the honorary secretary of the Fordingbridge Camera Club. He joined FCC in 2003 and very quickly joined the committee becoming honorary secretary in the second year of membership. Rex joined the RPS as he wanted to discover more about the organisation. He entered into the DIG forum and has enjoyed participating and tried to share his photographic feelings and knowledge with others in a supportive way. Rex is now semi-retired and has some additional time on his hands. He therefore feels he can contribute effort and ideas in a team for DIG.
Rex's responsibilities on the Committee include the new membership programme.

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Exhibition Secretary: Marilyn Taylor ARPS

Marilyn has been using a camera of one sort or another since her teens, but became much more enthusiastic when digital cameras came out. She has used Photoshop since 2000, and loves the creativity options it offers. She joined Guildford Photographic Society in 2007 and started on her RPS distinction programme in 2008.  Marilyn was Chairman of GPS for four years, but is now looking after External Competitions and Exhibitions. She joined the SPA Committee in 2012, as Chairman of the Exhibitions and Events sub-committee.

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Website Editor : Chas Hockin LRPS

Chas' interest in photography was inspired by a holiday with a friend who had a Voigtlander camera and produced wonderful images. This caused him to buy a camera from money saved working in the summer holidays. There have been a number of cameras since! He joined his local camera club in the mid 1980's and has been a regular member since then. He joined the RPS on achieving his Licentiate in 2009 and now that he has retired would like to contribute to the organisation using some of the skills he learnt in his former employment as Web Editor.

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Regional and Centre Coordinator: Barry Senior HonFRPS

Barry was an RPS Council member and trustee from 1999 to 2009, serving as President from 2007 to 2009.  He followed Barrie Thomas as Chairman of the Group and joined the committee again in 2009.
Barry was the founder of the RPS Thames Valley Region and the Regional Organiser for over 8 years.  Since 2000 he has been organising DIG meetings in the Ringwood area and will now be working with the RPS Regions to organise joint regional meetings with the Group.

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Editor of DIG Accolade: Simon Street LRPS

Simon joined RPS and DIG a little over a year ago. He has had a steep learning curve in moving from his old Olympus OM4 SLR of 25 years to a digital camera. Simon loves monochrome – seascapes, landscapes, abstract architecture and street photography. He is an active member of the SW London RPS regional group and Kingston Camera Club. To his amazement, Simon won one of the DIG annual competition prizes at the 2017 DIG Expo. Since then, he has spent six months preparing and gaining his LRPS – sorry yes all in monochrome. Now he is spending 2018 in taking a run at ARPS – yes, sorry all of them are in monochrome too!

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DIGIT Editor: Gary Beaton (Co-opted member)

Gary has enjoyed all things photographic for many, many years. He specialises in no specific discipline or technique but loves to try anything new (to him) – sometimes with greater success than others! Still a regular film user, he will happily share his experiences with home processing and darkroom printing and using ‘alternative’ processes including developing film in instant coffee. Although having had a digital camera for some years, he recently decided he really should learn how to use it more productively and joined the Digital Imaging Group to benefit from the wide experience of its members. Over the years he has been active in the Society’s South-East Region activities and has had the privilege of sitting on the Advisory Board. Now living outside the UK (currently in Luxembourg), his involvement with the Society is more often limited to those available on-line, but this will be no impediment in his role Competition Catalogue editor, a role he looks forward to greatly. Prior to leaving the UK Gary was an enthusiastic member of a local camera club, and latterly judged club competitions around the Kent and Sussex area. He uses an eclectic variety of equipment to capture images, whether digitally or otherwise, ranging from Canon SLRs, through pinholes and zone plates, to home-made gadgets and accessories to supplement the more conventional equipment found in a camera bag. When working with digital images, his primary tool is Photoshop. Despite wistfully looking forward to retirement, he has not yet managed to find a way to retire, take photographs (ideally in exotic places) and eat. Consequently, on working days he can usually be found on an airport and working in the aviation industry.
One day, he promises he will try and get a distinction!

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DIGIT Assistant Editor: Barrie Brown LRPS

Barrie is a retired forensic/clinical psychologist who was born, raised and still lives in London. An avid collector of art and photographic prints for many years, he only started taking a deeper interest in photography in 2010. He joined a local camera club where he enjoyed the support, and benefitted from the expertise of other committed and more experienced club enthusiasts. His passion for photography is primarily focused on natural history - possibly a legacy of his scientific background. He uses a Canon 5D Mk III and  a 100mm Macro lens for close-up images (particularly butterflies, bees  and dragon flies) and a 70-200 telephoto lens, with an extender where possible,  for other natural history subjects. As his network of contacts within the club photography world grew, however, he also found himself increasingly interested in landscapes, architecture and candid street photography, typically using 16-35 and 24-105 lenses. He prefers to go photographing with a small group of colleagues, and finds sharing practical experience and talking with others informally about how they capture and process their images the best ways to learn to improve as a photographer. He uses Photoshop CC and Lightroom for post-camera work, dipping sparingly into Nik, On-One and other specialist software to achieve specific effects. He works with a professional printer friend to print and mount his images for competitions and exhibitions because he likes to experiment with a range of papers and varying colour balance and brightness during the printing process itself. In 2014 he successfully obtained his LRPS Distinction and joined the RPS Digital Group. He is currently working on his ARPS panel in the Applied genre. Barrie will hope to make good use of his network of contacts in the photography community in his role as DIGIT Assistant Editor.

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Membership Secretary: Dennis Knowles

I have always enjoyed my photography having had my first camera at 12 years old and over the years have tried all types of subjects
I enjoy taking landscapes and hopefully I am working toward my LRPS Distinction
Forty years ago I went into business in Tiverton and retired at 75
My photography has given me a lot of pleasure over the years having had my own darkroom in the days of B&W and in later years colour came on the scene but now we have Digital it has turned out to be a wonderful hobby
In 1966 I was a founder member of the Tiverton Heathcoat Photographic club and still attend as their President For some thirty years I ran my own business but now retired joined the RPS some years ago then had a break in membership and re-joined five years ago and became the treasurer for DIG Western.
Now hopefully I can give something back to photography by being the DIG Membership Secretary

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