DI Group Membership

Membership and how to join 

Digital Imaging Group membership is open to all existing and new RPS members. You must be a member of the RPS to be eligible to join any Special Interest Group.


Membership update. Please check our fantastic FREE offer further down this page!

Subscription to the Digital Imaging Group is currently £16 pa in addition to your normal RPS membership. Alternatively, you can pay £8 pa in addition to your RPS subs and be a DI online member. You will enjoy all the benefits of DIG Membership but you do not receive printed publications - you view them online with page turning software (Issuu) - you will need to be logged into the website to see these. 

Members survey

Every so often we ask members to complete a short survey to gauge members expectations and opinions. Please complete the survey by clicking on this link


IF you are already a member of the RPS and wish to join the DI Group:

  • Logon to www.rps.org
  • Click 'MY RPS' (top right hand corner)
  • Choose the 'My Account' tab
  • Scroll down to 'Your Region/Chapter/Group(s)'
  • Click 'Join a Group'
  • Tick 'Digital Imaging Group' OR 'Digital Imaging Online' (NOT BOTH) from the list.
  • After the screen refreshes, check that you have ticked the right box, that the amount is correct, then click 'Pay online now' and follow the instructions.
  • The amount to pay is the pro-rata rate to the end of your current membership year subscription, after which you will pay the annual rate.

Soon after we receive confirmation of your new DI Group membership, you will be sent a Welcome Pack to help you get the most out of your membership of our Group.

Reasons to join the Group

To contact our Membership Secretary email DIGmem@rps.org

Special Offer – 12 month FREE DI Online Membership

Starting April 2018 we are offering 12 months FREE DIO membership. To qualify you have to be a Society member who has not been a member of DIG since January 2015.  For full details of the Terms and Conditions please go  HERE or see below

Below is the link to your online joining form. Once you click on the link, choose the "route" that is most appropriate for you. (i.e. joining from a Chapter/Region/DIG Centre/other SIG)


If you have been made the offer please go to the form and complete all the fields; you will also need to provide us with a copy of your current RPS membership card as validation.  This may be a scanned copy or a phone photo, which should be emailed to DIGrecruit@rps.org   Once your new DI Online (DIO) membership has been approved you will get a confirmatory and ‘welcome’ email. 

RPS Digital Imaging Group
12 months FREE online membership  T&Cs

DIG Online membership is referred to as DIO. The only difference with full DIG and DIO membership is that all publications are read online.  All other benefits remain the same.

The offer is open to any Society member who has not held DIG/DIO membership since January 2015.

The trial membership runs for 12 months from the date your application is approved.

Approval follows after a completed form has been received and a scanned copy (or a camera phone photo) of your current RPS membership card has been emailed to DIGrecruit@rps.org.  You will then receive a confirmation and ‘welcome’ email.

Your free year is unlikely to run concurrently with your Society year, so when your RPS membership is renewed we will require a new scan/photo of confirmation of continued Society membership. Failure to provide this will result in the cessation of your free DIO year.

At the end of your free DI Online membership, to continue with DIO (or DIG if you so choose) membership you will make a part year payment to bring both your DIG or DIO subscription and RPS dates in line.  Thereafter RPS HQ will take payments for both the Society and DIG or DIO memberships simultaneously.

In applying for this free trial membership you are agreeing that DIG may hold your data provided for administration purposes. All information will be emailed to you using the email you provide.

If you apply for your free DIO trial membership as a result of attending a DIG Centre meeting then they will give you one free printed copy of DIGIT and a voucher to attend one Centre meeting for free.

Your free Centre meeting voucher excludes special meetings or workshops and can be presented at the DIG Centre where you joined.

This free trial membership scheme is being operated by the RPS Digital Imaging Group and any/all enquiries about the programme should be directed to DIGrecruit@rps.org   or digchair@rps.org

27 April 2018