DI Group Membership

Membership and how to join 

Digital Imaging Group membership is open to all existing and new RPS members. You must be a member of the RPS to be eligible to join any Special Interest Group, and you may join as many Special Interest Groups as you wish..


Subscription to the Digital Imaging Group is currently £16 per year in addition to your normal RPS membership. Alternatively, you can subscribe as a Digital Online member and pay £8 per year in addition to your RPS subscription. You will enjoy all the benefits of DIG Membership but you do not receive printed publications - you view them online.

DIG members - recruit a new member to win a £300 voucher - see below

Reasons to join the Group



How to join the Group

If you are already a member of the RPS and wish to join the DI Group:

  • Logon to www.rps.org
  • Click 'MY RPS' (top right hand corner)
  • Choose the 'My Account' tab
  • Scroll down to 'Your Region/Chapter/Group(s)'
  • Click 'Join a Group'
  • Tick 'Digital Imaging Group' OR 'Digital Imaging Online' (NOT BOTH) from the list.
  • After the screen refreshes, check that you have ticked the right box, that the amount is correct, then click 'Pay online now' and follow the instructions.
  • The amount to pay is the pro-rata rate to the end of your current membership year subscription, after which you will pay the annual rate.

If you are not yet a member of the RPS, you can join online here or by emailing membership@rps.org. When completing your membership application, just tick the boxes to join either Digital Imaging Group or Digital Imaging Group Online at the same time.

Soon after we receive confirmation of your new DI Group membership, you will be sent a Welcome Pack to help you get the most out of your membership of our Group.


DIG Members - recruit a new member to win a £300 Wex Photo Video voucher

There are so many advantages to belonging to the Digital Imaging Group. You probably have friends or camera club acquaintances who would enjoy and benefit from it. Recruit an RPS member to join DIG, and both you and your friend will be entered into a draw to win £300 to spend at Wex Photo Video.

The details you need to enter the £300 draw:
Your name
Your RPS number
New DIG member's name
New DIG member's email address or RPS number

How to enter
Send in the details listed above by one of these means:
•    Enter via Google form: https://tinyurl.com/DI-Recruit-Win
•    Email the details to digrecruit@rps.org
•    Download the PDF at the bottom of this page, complete the form at the bottom and hand it to a Centre volunteer

Once your new member appears on our DIG membership list, you and your nominee will each have an entry in the draw. There is no limit to the number you submit. The draw will take place at the DIG AGM 2020 and you could win a £300 Wex Photo Video voucher.

Terms and conditions for the £300 draw

•    Only existing RPS members are eligible to be recruited. NonRPS individuals have to join the Society first.
•    DIG members nominating new prospective DIG members are free to recruit more than one new member. 
•    For each new member you gain you will get a ticket in to the draw.  So the more you recruit the more chance you have of winning the WEX £300 voucher. 
•    We need to know your name and RPS number, plus the name and email address (or RPS number) of your nominee, too, please.
•    Once we see your nominee's name appear on our membership lists, your entry into the prize draw is validated. And your nominee's entry is also validated.
•    The new member can sign up for full DIG membership or DI Online – either entitles you to your draw ticket. 
•    This recruitment programme is valid from Feb 24th 2019 to Feb 1st 2020. 



Recruitment document