DIG Print Circle

DI Print Circle 1 - a print folio group



The Print Circle is a small group of enthusiasts who like looking at and commenting on each other’s prints.  Not that we don’t like DPIs – we just happen to enjoy the print medium sufficiently to want to circulate and look at a set of images on ‘yer actual paper’ about four times per year.

We are now on to round 227, implying that we have been going for over 50 years.  None of us, I am sad to say, seem to have been in the RPS for long enough to vouch for the circle’s actual longevity.  Suffice it to say that it moved to the DI Group in 2010 from the now-defunct Colour Group and continued to thrive within its new parent.  The kind of images we see varies with each member, from informal portraiture to nature to landscape to creative to people or anything else.  

We have few rules, other than that we use A4, put in one new print per round, are polite to each other in our comments, choose our favourites and pass the folio to the next person on an agreed timetable .  Some of the images from our current rounds can be seen here.  Our standard obviously varies round to round and year to year, but we do currently have an FRPS, two ARPSs and an LRPS in our small group.

The Circle works best with about 8-10 members, with a maximum of 12 and probably an absolute minimum of 6.  We have just lost two or three very valuable members and so are very much open to new recruits.    I think that the group is good fun, not taking itself too seriously but useful in sharing views on the images submitted .

The commitment is fairly small.  We complete about 4 rounds per year, so you have to progress one round per quarter.  That means: a) commenting briefly on one print from each member, b) notifying the secretary (by post or email) of your chosen winners, c) writing, if you so choose, a brief addition to our ‘rolling log’ about yourself or your activities and d) posting the folio in its existing packaging to the next person on the list.   At the end of each round, the secretary (myself) sends by email results of everyone’s voting and a timetable for the next round.  That’s it!

If you are interested or want further information, please do contact me at abroch@btinternet.com

Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski



Faster by Pen Lynas



Heading for the White House and beyond by Bryan Kelvie FRPS



In Prayer by Andrew Brochwicz-Lewinski ARPS



Kananaskis Lower Lake by John Bloomfield ARPS