Monthly Competition Page

A fun competition where members can choose their favourite picture from those submitted each month.  Please email your picture to You should get an acknowledgment. (if not - remind him!). One image per person per month.  Due to the limitations of the site, images can only be 600 px wide - there is no restriction on how tall your pictures are. So please resize them to 600 px by XXXXX px. (NOT XXXX px by 600 px).  Winners (and runners up) will have their images showcased in DIG News

PS no entries please, that have been used in previous forum friendly competitions... :-)


Accepting images for February now





Frozen lock by Chas Hockin



                                            Winter Hawthorn by David Buchanan



Tracks by Mike Cowdrey



Hannah the Goth by Ray Duffill


Dew drops on Rose Bud by Dennis Russ


Dutch landscape by Andre Bergmans


A Moment of Zen by Eileen Wilkinson


Newport Street Gallery by David Pearson


Inverness Town House by Ross McKenzie


Wee, sleekit, cow'rin, tim'rous beastie by Keith Mercer


Flower on Plastic by Cliff Spooner


Mizzle by Melanie Chalk



Titchfield Abbey by Alan Collins

Goldfinch in the snow by Diana Wynn


Early Morning Walk by Jenni Cheesman



Diamond Ice by Lindsay Southgate



Three kisses by Rex Waygood


Connected by John Bull



Grand Canyon View by Paul Bather