DI Expo - Keeping things on track

27 August 2015

SIG: Digital Imaging

The best laid plans do occasionally go wrong.  When organising an event of this size (500 seats, 3 theatres, workshops and trade organisations) it is inevitable that unexpected things go wrong.  A misunderstanding of what we require from someone,  an assumption that something is do-able when it isn’t.  But worse still is a key speaker having to pull out due to ill health.

This latter potential problem had been foreseen and we had already planned how to overcome this if one of our keynote speakers had to drop out.  What we had failed to think through were the workshop presenters.  Why we considered them to be impervious to such things I do not know.  So of course that is exactly the fork handle of life that came up to hit us in the face.  

Our Epson sponsored presenter Mike McNamee became ill and in need of hospital treatments scheduled for precisely the same time as DI Expo.  His colour management, colour and mono printing sessions were proving to be very popular, with most of his sessions filling rapidly.

However our sponsors Epson quickly arranged to have not one, but two, top Epson Print Academy professionals to come to DI Expo in Mikes place.  

Paul Gallagher heads up the Epson Print Academy and runs their workshop ‘Exhibition Quality Printing’.  He will take over the colour and mono printing sessions.

Paul will explain, in detail, the steps, tricks and tips needed to create the very highest quality print from your Epson printer, suitable for exhibition and competition use.

The topics covered will include:

  • Initial Image Colour
  • Sharpening for output (with specific examples, including the differences required for digitally projected images)
  • Paper and surface selection for maximum impact
  • Key-lining, bordering and titling prints, Image Resolution, Printing Resolution, issues and advice
  • The Epson Print Driver
  • Simple image scaling, setting trim lines and minimising paper wastage

No prior knowledge of Epson printers is required. If you already own a printer, you will be shown how to squeeze every last drop of quality out of it!

His colleague Michael Pilkington will take us through colour management.

The topics covered will include:

  • Initial Image Colour
  • Correction, including monitor calibration
  • The Epson Print Driver; setting up printer colour management and profiles

Both will be on hand all day to give individual advice about your printers
No prior knowledge of Epson printers is required but the choices will be discussed and demonstrated.

We thank Paul and Michael for changing prior arrangements to be with us at DI Expo 2015.    As the organizing committee we have every confidence that both will give us just as high a quality of workshops as Mike would have done.  It will be a pleasure learning from them both.

Epson will have a wide choice or their printers on the stand, so you will come away with plenty of knowledge about all aspects of printing.

We wish Mike McNamee a full recovery and hope to see him back on the photography circuit before too long.

To book your tickets for DI Expo and to learn from Paul and Michael do go to www.rps.org/DIGExpo and following the links to our online booking page.   

Janet Haines
Royal Photographic Society
Digital Imaging Group Chair



Note - Paul and Michael are co-founders of www.aspect2i.co.uk  where you can read more about them and about the services they offer.