DI Expo 2015 - getting it together ... part 4

06 August 2015

SIG: Digital Imaging

Another key item that our members had told us they enjoy is the

opportunity to have a go at studio work.  So our next challenge for the DI

Expo programme was to meet this member requirement.

Who better than Bowens – a leading manufacturer of superb studio

lighting systems and associated equipment.  So we set about identifying

who we needed to speak with to try to get them on board.

Companies respond well to the magic words ‘Royal Photographic Society ‘

and I find it opens many doors, such is the high esteem that the industry

holds for our organisation.   Quickly the Bowens UK marketing manager

was identified and once we established contact they agreed to sponsor

the Bowens Studio for us at DI Expo.

A room has been especially dedicated to Bowens for the entire day.  They

have booked Wayne Johns  a superb fashion and beauty professional.  

Apart from working with Bowens, Wayne has photos on his web site

showing commissions from L’Oreal, Vogue, Leica, GB Paralympics  and the

British Hairdressing Awards.  www.waynejohns.com

With six studio sessions throughout the day attendees can choose

whether they want to shoot and experience, or just observe and learn.

Bowens are promising us their very latest lighting systems, so those who

are studio aficionados will delight in using the very best.  Everyone who

chooses to shoot in the studio will be able to take their memory card

along to the Epson stand, following their studio session. Epson will then

print your best shot on one of their latest photo printers, for you to

collect later in the day.

Where else would you get such a great chance to experience and learn all

about studio work from one of the leading UK professionals – all included

in the price of your DI Expo ticket.  The event is open to anyone – you do

not need to be an RPS member to come along.

Book your event ticket TODAY and don’t miss out on a session in the

Bowens studio.  Go to www.rps.org/DIGExpo    

Janet Haines

RPS Digital Imaging Group Chair.