DI Expo 2015 ...getting it together Part 6

20 August 2015

SIG: Digital Imaging

An important element of any large photographic meeting is the opportunity to see new products and services from a variety of suppliers.  So from the outset we were determined to book as many as we had space for, to give those attending the chance to take home some goodies. We needed as wide a selection as possible, from our favourite paper suppliers and a quality printer, lenses, printers, mountboard, print boxes, mountboard cutters, training specialists, holidays, specialist equipment and a popular retailer.  All are there because each of you is a potential customer, whether on the day or perhaps for some future purchase.  

Most have special show offers to entice you to take home that ‘something you have been wanting’ on the day. Each are putting up raffle prizes so you will even get the chance to win something to take home, including a brand new Epson printer for the luckiest person on the day.

In addition to the trade stands, that will be in the main concourse, Nikon, Panasonic and Paper Spectrum are also making presentations and workshops in the third theatre.  This will give delegates the chance to learn even more about the way their products can help you master some element of your hobby and make you a better photographer.

As we have said so many times ‘It is all about knowledge’  and this statement extends to what we can learn from these industry leading organisations that are supporting DI Expo.  We thank them for agreeing to be with us for the day and hope our delegates will enjoy spending some time, and perhaps some money, at their stands.


Book your event ticket TODAY and don’t miss out on some bargain buys.   Go to www.rps.org/DIGExpo   

Janet Haines

RPS Digital Imaging Group Chair.