DI Expo ....getting it all together.. part 5

14 August 2015

SIG: Digital Imaging

One key element of the RPS are their Distinctions.  Many members belong to The Society for this and this alone, so we knew it is key and wanted to include an Assessment day at DI Expo.

Fortunately the HQ Distinctions team were very open to this suggestion and agreed immediately that it would be a good thing to offer in their programme.  We wanted people to be able to do their LRPS and enjoy DI Expo, so a slightly different way of working was necessary for the Distinctions team.

With DI Expo having 6 sessions throughout the day it seemed a good idea to book those applying for Assessment time slots that aligned.  This means someone attending for Assessment would know exactly which session they would be Assessed in and can book and enjoy the remaining 5 sessions of DI Expo workshops and presentations.  A small extra fee on top of the normal LRPS fee was added to cover the DI Expo ticket element.

Even though DI Expo is being run by the RPS Digital Imaging Group the LRPS Assessments are open to all.  It is no different to normal.  Any one wishing to take advantage of giving themselves a good day out as well as sitting their LRPS must go on to the RPS Distinctions web site to book a place – do read the full information on their web page here    http://www.rps.org/events/2015/september/20/lrps-assessment-day-at-the-dig-expo-2015

Once you are booked in for your LRPS then you follow the instructions you will be sent to book your DI Expo sessions so that you can be sure to enjoy a stimulating and full day.

If you are not wishing to take your LRPS you may still wish to book a place to join us at the DI Expo so……………  

Book your event ticket TODAY and once you have paid then you get additional information on how to book the sessions you want to attend.  

Go to www.rps.org/DIGExpo   and follow the links.

Janet Haines

RPS Digital Imaging Group Chair.