DI EXPO 2015 .... getting it together....

16 July 2015

SIG: Digital Imaging

DI Expo 2015 – getting it together…….

The 2nd Blog which is all about the RPS DI Expo 2015.

Where to start?  It is a chicken and egg situation.  Do we book the location or the keynote speakers first?  A dilemma, as both go hand to hand to make a successful event.

But first we needed to find out what our members wanted, so we ran our survey which we do every other year to ensure we really ‘know’ our members.  What do they like to shoot, with what camera and which style of work.  As survey responses go we always get a pretty good return from DIG members so we feel that they are a good representative sample of the membership profile.

What always surprises us most is the boxes you tick in respect to what you like to shoot.  82% of respondees ticked landscape, 45% fine art.  Travel features strongly, as does macro and creative.  By profiling our membership addresses we know where the majority live.  So from this data we are now guided to book both speakers and location to best fit the majority of members.  Our aim was for a multi choice event so participants could choose their own programme.  Venue and date were agreed.

A good brain storming session followed and we came up with a list of potential speakers ranked in order of ‘best fit’.  Fortunately our first three speakers were all free on September 20th 2016 and accepted our invitation to be our keynote speakers.  So we were off to a good start.

In the main theatre, which has 300+ seating capacity, we are delighted to have booked Joe Cornish, Steve Caplin and Eddie Ephraums.  Each will make identical presentations in the morning and afternoon.  This enables attendees to choose which sessions to attend and build their own programme for the day and gives them maximum flexibility.  
So with the main speakers booked things were coming together.  Now we just had to wrap all the other event attractions round this to fit other expressed interests from the surveyed members.

For more information about the event and to BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW do go to www.rps.org/DIGExpo

Janet Haines
RPS Digital Imaging Group Chair.

Web site links for the keynote speakers

Joe Cornish   http://www.joecornishgallery.co.uk

Steve Caplin   http://stevecaplin.com

Eddie Ephraums   http://www.envisagebooks.co.uk



University of Warwick.  We have booked the Science theatres here.  It is totally wheelchair friendly with free parking for all.