DI Expo 2015: The making of....part one

28 June 2015

SIG: Digital Imaging

By now just about every RPS member should be aware of the upcoming DI Expo event that the Digital Imaging Group are holding at the University of Warwick on September 20th.  But I doubt whether you will know the back ground to how this event finally came about…….

Some ten years ago the DIG held one day events which had been very popular but had run their course and stopped when Jessops could no longer organise the trade for us.  After several years of nothing it felt like time to have another go with something new. So around four years ago, under the Chairmanship David Cooke, the DIG committee decided to try running a large national weekend event primarily for the benefit of their members.  A sub committee was agreed and they set off motoring round various potential locations and doing masses of research.  Having garnered all the information and costs David did a very impressive spread sheet putting in all the variables and projections.  But it was a daunting prospect and the financials just didn’t appear to stack up, so the idea was scrapped.

Move forward to 18 months ago and a new committee decided to take another look at the idea and how it might be managed a little differently to make it viable.  The conclusion was to make it a one day meeting, at as central a location in or around the Midlands as possible.  DIG members were surveyed to establish how far they would travel and what ticket price was acceptable, given a multi-choice programme with high calibre speakers and workshops on offer.  Armed with this information a new sub-committee took to the roads again to find the best possible affordable location.  The University of Warwick came up trumps.  Their Science theatres meant we could have 3 theatres and some break out workshop rooms all within a very workable contained area.  We could seat 500, have room for trade stands, exhibition, studio and LRPS Assessment facilities.  So it was back to the inevitable spread sheet to see if it would all pan out financially.

Once the plans were all in place DIG took the proposal to Council and with some minor alterations got their approval.  

So DI Expo was finally to happen some 5 years after the first little seeds of hope had been planted.

For more information about the event do go to www.rps.org/DIGExpo

Janet Haines
RPS Digital Imaging Group Chair.


The main theatre of the Science Department at the University of Warwick has staged seating for 300 for the main keynote speakers of Joe Cornish, Steve Caplin and Eddie Ephraums.