DI Expo - The Traders

21 July 2017

SIG: Digital Imaging

DIG Blog – DI Expo Traders.

When preparing for a DI Expo one very important element to us is our traders – those organisations who are willing to come along for the day and set up their stall. 

We know members like having trade organisations there.  We know they like seeing, touching, talking and buying things.  Photography is our passion, so indulging ourselves is what we do!

Getting organisations along that complement each other, without too much repetition is the trick.  For DI Expo 2017 we have a wide variety of offerings for our attendees; from printers from Epson to Logan mount cutters from DIY Framing.  You will be able to find out how to make yourself a photo specific web site with Zenfolio or talk about photo books with Saal-Digital. 

Two of our presenters have supporting trade stands.  David Clapp will be talking about shooting architecture and then about his workshops and holidays on his stand.  Paul Sanders will present on using filters, with Lee Filters both sponsoring his talk and taking a trade stand to enable attendees to ask more questions after the talk.

Our only slightly conflicting organisations are Fotospeed and Permajet but that is intentional as we know that the vast majority of our DIG members fall into one of other of their camps and we want to give everyone the opportunity to take home some bargain papers, or try something new.  You could even carry it all home with a swish new print box from the Nomad stand. 

Clifton Cameras are our main event sponsors.  As both an online retailer and having their shop, there is just about nothing you cannot talk to them about.  They are my personal ‘go to’ shop when buying new gear and I can vouch for their excellent service and value for money prices. Through them we were able to have Datacolor (colour management specialists) and Sony supporting us.  Clifton also got Elinchrom involved in sponsoring the portrait studio and the workshop presenter Brian Collier.

Many of the organisations will have special ‘show offers’ for the attendees.  How many of us can resist an ‘offer’?  So I quite expect to see many carrying out new purchases at the end of the day.

Putting on DI Expo is ‘All about knowledge’ and some of that learning can come just as easily from a conversation on the Sony stand as it can the presenters on stage.  All are in important aspects of putting on a good event. 

So come and join us – for more information go to www.rps.org/DIGExpo

Janet Haines ARPS