Rex Waygood on Nick Turpin - a speaker at DI Expo September 2017

26 May 2017

SIG: Digital Imaging

I have to admit that prior to going to a lecture by Nick Turpin several years ago I was unaware of the genre of Street Photography.

To say that his lecture inspired me would be an understatement. I discovered a world of photography that was not staged, not photo shopped but a very true observation of life. It was not accidental, the subjects and locations were hunted, waiting for the humorous moment, the juxtaposition, the textural input and the human element. It was not just photography on the street, it was much more.

To discover more I visited iN-PUBLiC and I would recommend this if you are uncertain as to what Street Photography is about. In fact I would recommend it even if you know about Street Photography!!

I am looking forward to Nick’s talk and I am confident it will be as memorable and inspiring as the first.

Rex Waygood
May 2017
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