DIG Scotland Centre News

September and November Meetings

With the recent departure of Dave Hunt ARPS from the Group, I have taken over as DIG Scotland Centre Organiser. My name is Kenneth Ness ARPS and I have been a member of the group since 2014. I am also President of Brechin Photographic Society, Scotland’s third oldest camera club after Edinburgh and Dundee. 

I would like see this group built into the vibrant and enthusiastic assembly I believe it could, and should be with a mix of member knowledge interchange, hints and tips, what projects they are up to, encouragement of new ideas for projects and panels, discussion of our successes (and commiserations for failures?) and talks and insights from top people from the RPS. Above all else, I want the group to be the place where we, in Scotland, isolated from the rest of the UK can gain the most from the RPS; and this can only be done if the RPS membership in Scotland rally round and help to make this a success. 

With this in mind, I plan to start my tenure with the help of retired RPS president Roy Robertson FRPS. We intend to hold an afternoon of photographic critique. All we ask is attendees to bring along 3-4 images, preferably prints, although we probably could accommodate projected images as well. Roy will comment and advise on each, offering an impartial point of view, but not any form of judgement. The audience will also be invited to participate with their opinions as so often we look for an independent comment that highlights the obvious that perhaps the photographer was too close to see. The date for this is Sunday September 16th, 1.30 pm in the Parish Church Hall, 12 Kier Street, Bridge of Allan. FK9 4NW

For our Sunday, November 18th meeting, Donald Stewart FRPS will introduce us to his Fellowship panel and talk about how he took, processed and printed his images of coastal defences. With an insight into his work, those amongst us who are striving to gain an “F” will find much inspiration. 
As always, tea, coffee and biscuits (and sometimes cake) will be available. I hope to also introduce my fellow committee members, Bob Redpath (Treasurer) and Adrian Robbins (Webmaster). All are welcome, whether RPS or not.

Kenneth Ness ARPS
DIG Scotland Centre Organiser




February meeting


Introduction and presentation by Dave Hunt.


Doug will collect any prints for the DIG Print Exhibition at the February meeting. These will be sent in one package thus saving on the return postage. Remember to complete your own entries on-line. 



We will have 5 meetings again in 2017. The first of these is on 12th February at Bridge of Allan Parish Church. Events have been created for all meetings and details can be found via the events pages on the RPS website.


Doug Berndt will stand down as Centre Organiser and hand over to Dave Hunt. Dave will be assisted in the role by George Neilson. Eric Begbie, has announced his intention to move south will be replaced as Treasurer by Bob Redpath. Welcome to all!






RPS Digital Imaging Group Sponsored Printing Workshop http://www.rps.org/events/2016/december/04/dig-scotland-centre---printing-workshop


The DIG sponsored Printing Workshop was held on 4th December at Edinburgh Photographic Society.


It was a very full day workshop run by Rod Wheelans and Libby Smith. We had around 50 attendees, some who had travelled from the Isle of Man and some from even farther afield in Shetland. It was good to see such a strong attendance.


Rod and Libby also had a selection of discounted PermaJet products.


The day started at 10:30 and the audience was encouraged to answer questions and taken on a very thorough journey through a printing workflow of set-up, paper selection, colour profiles for monitor through to print; Photoshop set-up; soft proofing and sharpening. There was a lot of information to take in and the take-home message was go home and try it now whilst it’s fresh in your memory! By 4:30 most were keen to do just that! The workshop highlighted a number of shortcomings in my own set-up and a few things to try. All that I spoke to found the day very worthwhile.


Doug Berndt ARPS

DIG Scotland Centre Organiser



At the DIG Scotland Centre meeting at Bridge of Allan Parish Church on 20th November we hosted Chick Calder LRPS.


Chick is primarily a nature photographer who specialises in Fungi. Chick provided a demonstration of his techniques for creating Anaglyph 3D images using photoshop. Chick showed several examples of his work. We all sat looking intelligent with our red/green viewing spectacles and some of the images worked superbly well. Apologies to those with colour blindness issues. The ability to create a 3D effect from a single image certainly caught my imagination.



After tea we had a PDI competition - any subject showing some editing skills. Before (source image or images) to be shown and the Final image was judged based on it’s own merits and the judges perception of the degree of editing skill applied. Congratulations to Alan Sutton, who won the prize of a Permajet Canvass Test pack.


As this was our last regular meeting of the season, a short AGM was held. As Centre Organiser, I restated my intention to stand down following the December Print Workshop. No volunteers were forthcoming. Our financial statement was provided by Eric Begbie and the position acknowledged by those present. It was emphasised that without a Centre Organiser there would be no programme planned for 2017.


Doug Berndt ARPS

DIG Scotland Centre Organiser


At our meeting on 19th June at Bridge of Allan Parish Church. We hosted 


Margaret Campbell ARPS entitled "Of Sea and Shore" in which Margaret. Margaret provided a well illustrated talk of her work and described how she compiled her "Painting with Images" series of creative edits of the seashore. 


Margaret’s “Sea and Shore” book can be viewed here http://www.blurb.co.uk/books/2182731-of-sea-and-shore .


We then had an image sharing session. All attendees were invited to bring work for sharing and discussion. - The event was listed here: http://www.rps.org/events/2016/june/19/dig-scotland-centre---june-meeting#sthash.YsG7RmpC.dpuf


Doug Berndt ARPS

DIG Scotland Centre Organiser



The Scotland Centre meeting held at Bridge of Allan Parish Church on Sunday 17th April was  devoted to image sharing and discussion. 


Prints were returned from the Digital Imaging Group Members’ Print Exhibition for those that sent prints via Scotland Centre.


We had our usual chin-wag over tea & coffee.


Members were invited to bring one new mounted print - taken or created since January this year. We voted on the best image and Eileen won again!


Doug Berndt ARPS

DIG Scotland Centre Organiser





At our Scotland Centre meeting on November 8th, 2015, we were fortunate to have the afternoon with Peter Paterson FRPS MPAGB MFIAP. One of less than a handful of Scotland based holders of MFIAP distinction, Peter needed little introduction to most as he regularly gives advice and critique at RPS Advisory Days and Photo Forums. Peter also sits on the LRPS Panel and is chair of the Pictorial Panel and deputy chair of the Creative Panel. For this meeting Peter showed a selection of his superb images and spend some time demonstrating some of his workflow in live session.


Finally, many of you will have seen that Alex Melrose, a DIG member and one of our regular attendees was awarded the RPS Medal for services to the RPS. I take this opportunity to pass on our congratulations to him.


At the meeting of the DIG Scotland Centre at Bridge of Allan Parish Church on the 14th June, we spent the time sharing our work. At our last meeting we agreed to spend more time reviewing members' images rather than have a formal talk. John Simpson ARPS has kindly agreed to facilitate the discussion round our images. 


Members were invited to bring along a number of images (up to 6 each - prints preferred), so that we could see a variety of work: Images that exhibited a different techniques ; use of software aspects or plugins; other aspects that individuals wanted to improve upon or upon which they sought advice. Members were also invited to bring some of their successful work too and describe image and technique.


Alan Gray LRPS

Congratulations to Alan Gray who was awarded LRPS at the Edinburgh assessment day on May 3rd. Alan's superb panel is shown below.

Alan Gray's LRPS panel

Also many congratulations to many of DIG Scotland members who gained acceptances and awards at the Scottish International Salon. 

DIG Scotland members had so many acceptances we could mount our own exhibition - so well done to all!



At the Digital Imaging Group Scotland Centre meeting at Bridge of Allan Parish Church on Sunday 19th April Malcolm McBeath ARPS - provided an illustrated talk about some of his images and how he goes about his work.

Doug Berndt ARPS demonstrated my use of Lightroom for image management and some of the processing capabilities and invite audience participation.


We also had  a short image sharing session of recent work and successes.


The meeting advert was here: http://www.rps.org/events/2015/april/19/dig-scotland-centre-april-2015-meeting#sthash.5L0LYLf8.dpuf



More success for Ken Ness who has now achieved his ARPS with a beautiful panel on his favourite subject of derelict boats! His panel appears below, our congratulations to him.

Ken Ness - Successful ARPS Panel


Ken Ness and Ian Tully

Congratulations to Ken Ness LRPS and Ian Tully ARPS who have both been awarded CPAGB in December 2014.

November 16th, 2014 Meeting

A good attendance for this meeting at Bridge of Allan that starred Rikki O'Neill FRPS with his super "Visual Alchemy". Rikki displayed and talked through a number of his fantastic images explaining some of his technique for image creation. The audience were suitably impressed with the building blocks, concepts and breadth of the ideas that Rikki uses to conjure up a huge number of award winning images. Alchemy indeed!

A short business meeting of DIG members present was held following Rikki's talk and it was agree by those present that the following office bearers would serve for the next year: Doug Berndt ARPS as Organiser and Webmaster; Andy Hayes LRPS as Treasurer; Ian Tully ARPS as Syllabus Secretary.

It was also agreed that we would continue with the Central Scotland venue of Bridge of Allan Parish Church for a further year and that we would reduce the number of meetings to 5. It was also agreed that regular attending DIG members would pay for a season at the beginning of the year rather than as we go. This was set at £25 for cost recovery. There may be a premium to cover costs for special events and speakers.

Images were requested to update the now stale header images. (Only one has been received).

On behalf of the group, Doug thanked Andy for his work as treasurer and for his craftsmanship and donation of a superb Print stand. Doug also thanked Ian for carrying out his survey of members and for establishing the basis of our syllabus going forward in response. Doug also thanked Hilary Jackson LRPS for kindly supplying some home baking for the meeting.

Last but not least all present thanked Bill Hogg ARPS, as outgoing Organiser, for establishing the group as the Scotland Centre of the Digital Imaging Group.

September 14th, 2014 Meeting

A disappointing turn-out for this meeting, with holiday conflicts and a major wildlife photography event only a few miles along the road. Those who did attend enjoyed a very interesting and debate stirring talk from Colin McClatchie on his work as a professional Sports Photographer. Colin showed some great examples of his work.

Andy Hayes had been working hard and his cabinet making skills were there for all to see with part one of our new DI Group Scotland print stand. A fantastic job - many thanks to Andy.

Bill Hogg took the brave decision to show us all his failed "F" panel - better luck next time Bill! This very interesting work is inspired by the style created by the painter Alphonse Mucha.

Bill has also created an AV show of his panel which can be found here.

Members at the meeting

July 13th, 2014 Meeting

We had our biggest attendance to date and were delighted to host Janet Haines, Chairperson of the RPS DIG, at the RPS DIG Scotland Centre on Sunday 13th July 2014 in Bridge of Allan. Her presentation “My Distinctions Journey” started with an intruction to the Digital Imaging Group and included some of the successful DI Group competition images.

We broke for tea, folowing which Janet took us through her journey in prints. This started with her "L" panel, her work for CPAGB, her "A" panel and images for DPAGB (many of which wer festooned on the rear with ribbons and awards frrom various international salons). Janet moved on  to show some of her recent fine art figure work as she continues her journey towards MPAGB and "F".

Bill Hogg thanked Janet on behalf of the DI Group Scotland Centre for her excellent and inspirational presentation.



The DIG Scotland Centre meets once every 2 months.

RPS members and non-members are welcome to attend. A small charge is made to cover costs, which are split equally amongst attendees.


Typically, the largest part of each 3 hour meeting is for the benefit of attendees who show their latest work. Our attendees give and receive critique, encouragement and opinion from other attendees. We are particularly keen to see and encourage work towards RPS distinctions.


As our participation grows we hope to have a number of invited speakers.


Members at our Bridge of Allan meeting in March 2014:

March 16th 2014

Our second meeting of the year was held at Bridge of Allan Parish Church. 15 Members attended. There were  several apologies and one new member present.

Bill Hogg ARPS, DIG Scotland Centre Organiser, reported that Janet Haines ARPS, the DIG Chair intends to visit all of the DIG Centres in the near future and has suggested visiting us at our July 2014 meeting. Janet will introduce herself to our group and also give a talk on her very stylish photography.

Recent Successes: Several members had images selected for the RPS Scotland Annual Print Exhibition. This exhibition travels around Scotland over the next 12 months. Details here.

Colin McLatchie’s ARPS gave a very interesting presentation about the 10 photographers and their images that have influenced him the most in his development in photography. Photographers included Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Cappa, Helmut Newton, Man Ray and David LaChapelle. Colin’s presentation was first class and was thoroughly enjoyed by all members.

Colin also mentioned that he had been awarded the ARPS distinction in Visual Art. He was exempted from the need for submitting a panel for assessment because of his previous educational attainments in photography. Well done Colin.

The bulk of the meeting was taken up viewing and discussing members images. There were some panels in progress and some novel work.

Members presented their images, received congratulations on recent successes, support and advice from the group. The standard of the images was extremely high.


January 12th 2014

Our first meeting of the New Year at Bridge of Allan Parish Church Hall was chaired by Bill Hogg ARPS, DIG Scotland Centre Organiser. 16 Members attended. There were several apologies and some new faces.

The transition from the RPS Creative Group Scotland Area to the RPS Digital Imaging Group Scotland Centre has been lengthy and complex but was now complete.

The DIG better reflects our members’ photographic interests and the Committee is optimistic that it will encourage new membership.

The DIG has over 1200 members and is a very well organised SIG which provides excellent back up and a first class quarterly magazine.

Our new DIG website will allow us to have all our images and info in one location.

The ‘start up’ grant will help us to think about having a good speaker for one of our meetings or organising special events in the future.

Our charges for the year to cover costs were proposed by Andy Hayes LRPS, DIG Scotland Centre Treasurer. After discussion the following charging was agreed.

DIG members annual Season Ticket (£10)+ Share of hall fee per meeting. Non-DIG Members & Public per meeting (£5) + Share of hall fee.

Doug Berndt ARPS, as webmaster for the DIG Scotland Centre, reported that we have a short web page on the current RPS web-site to acknowledge the Scotland Centre as part of the DIG.

The launch of the new RPS website would take place on the 21st January. We have a page which can have sub-pages. There currently isn't a lot of information here but there is flexibility and it is hoped that it will grow after launch. If anyone in the group wants to add news items then the Webmaster (currently Doug) can be emailed with the information via the contact link on the site, with items for inclusion.

Members can start forum discussions and these will be open to all DIG members, it's up to the individual how he or she uses these.

All RPS members can load portfolios to the new Website and if they are in the Scotland region they can tag their Portfolio to be accessed through the Scotland pages. Similarly for any special interest group (SIG), eg for a member of the Creative, or Digital Imaging SIG the portfolio can be tagged to be accessed and displayed from the SIG pages.

Members are encouraged to upload their images because it's this that will attract new participants in our group and help advertise ourselves and the RPS to the wider community.

The bulk of the meeting was taken up viewing and discussing members images. There were some panels in progress and some novel work.

Members presented their images, received congratulations on recent successes, support and advice from the group. The standard of the images was extremely high.

There was some discussion regarding the format and content of future meetings and display equipment that may be required.

November 17, 2013

Formation of Digital Imaging Group Scotland Centre

Bill Hogg informed the meeting that out transition to become the RPS Digital Imaging Group Scotland Centre was near complete. Dr David F Cooke, the Chairman of the RPS DIG is delighted that the DIG now has an established Scotland Centre.

Bill Hogg introduced himself as the DIG Scotland Centre Organiser. Andy Hayes was introduced as the new DIG Scotland Centre Treasurer and Doug Berndt as the new DIG Scotland Centre Webmaster.

Recent Successes

Doug Berndt ARPS

Since our last meeting Doug has been awarded ARPS in the  Contemporary Category so many congratulations for his well deserved success. Well done Doug.

Janet Russell  

Janet informed the group that she had recently won a Bronze Medal for the Best Portrait in the 34th Northern Counties International Salon  for her print “The General”. Janet showed the group her medal and the winning print and received very warm applause for her success. Well done Janet.