Costal Defences with Donald Stewart FRPS

08 November 2018

SIG: Digital Imaging Scotland

Having heard Donald’s talk at Brechin Photographic Society, I was keen to listen to his talk again and use the opportunity to get a better understanding of how it led to his distinction. Donald did not disappoint. As he talked through each of his images, taken on film, using a Hasselblad medium format camera and printed on Multigrade paper in the traditional fashion his insight into the process of taking collating, evaluating, and selecting the final images was as just as painstaking irrespective of whether it was an analogue or digital process.

Probably the most important thing that came out of his talk was the importance of getting the statement right. And, more importantly, preparing it right at the beginning. The images needed to fit the intent behind the Statement not the Statement fitting the images. Donald made this point succinctly and listening to his talk, I, personally found my forward path became so much clearer.

Our meeting was not as well attended as I had hoped for. However those that did come, found the day informative and of benefit. Costal Defences sounds like a dull subject but, in fact it was far from it. Round the coast of Scotland there are still many examples of these concrete structures that were placed on the east coast as part of the defences against possible invasion. Most of us will have seen them and not given them a second thought, but Donald has turned his interest into a passion and this came over in his photography.

Over tea and biscuits, there was further opportunity to ask Donald Stewart more about his photography, to talk about our own interests and passions and to expound our future plans for the group.

Kenneth Ness ARPS