Light and Life on the Streets

04 September 2018

Region: South East

 In her closing comments Co Coordinator, Melanie Chalk, thought that, entertainer and stand up comic should be added to Damien’s list of accomplishments that already include, educator, journalist and reviewer.

The audience were captivated but his slick, illustrated presentation, which was cleverly divided into bite size sections which he then explained in depth. Damien a widely recognised and very accomplished Street Photographer was talking about Light and Life on the streets, even if it’s not a genre of photography you enjoy, you would have learnt many things, to improve your own practise in many genre.  After all photography, is simply stated, painting with light and Damien showcased this perfectly in the images he showed us and in his very amusing commentary, and  his anecdotes on how he achieved his results. 

As photographers we are already observant, and this is what is needed in Street Photography, but he told us of his patience and the planning that goes into a shot, his visualisation before he actually points the camera.  He told us of the need to blend into the crowd and modelled his ‘Tramp’ coat with its many pockets, ideal for all the equipment he needs and for invisibility.  He did promote the use of the small cameras from the Panasonic Range, although not an ambassador for that company, they are his favoured ones for 'Street' ideal for capturing the moment, and again because when taking shots you just blend in, professional results, without looking like a professional or a camera geek with cameras and huge lenses hanging from weary shoulders


But something many of us envied, was the Lumix GX series of cameras, which some, have added to their wish list, when shopping for their next camera, was the function to very quickly focus using the touch screen. His explanation of how he does this, and the ability to do it quickly resulted in the great shots he showed us, the whole audience were tinged with envy! As a professional photographer, with an hours commute, much of his Processing is done in camera, something the latest models allow, as he travels home, amazing. Some are even sent to picture editors via his phone before he even arrives at his destination, leaving him able to concentrate on family life, when he gets home. A thoroughly enjoyable day, a first class presentation from a consummate entertainer, and talented photographer, thoroughly recommended.