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Here is a summary of our Thames Valley Centre Events past and to come. More details of future events will be added as they are confirmed, so please come back to this page for the latest information.


28 April 2019 Andy Small 'Fine Art Nature Photography'
+ The Len Deeley Memorial Trophy PDI Competition judged by Jay Charnock FRPS
19 May 2019 Simon Weir LRPS 'Beyond Visible Light - a day of Infrared Photography' info
15 September 2019 Guy Edwardes 'Seeing the Light - 25 years of landscape and nature photography' info
20 October 2019 Iain McGowan FRPS 'Yet More from the Garden Shed!'
+ The Millennium Cup Competition for Prints
17 November 2019 Hugh Milsom FRPS MFIAP EFIAP/D1 and Pat Broad ARPS EFIAP/B
Peter Milsom EFIAP/S BPE 3*
Capturing the Moment:
'The Creative Landscape'
'The Power of Sport'
19 January 2020 Peter Dazeley BEM FRPS 'Unseen London'
'Platinum Printing'
'Advertising Photography'
16 February 2020 Speaker tba (presentation tba)  
22 March 2020 Colin Westgate FRPS and Chrissie Westgate FRPS (presentation tba)  
19 April 2020 Jo Teasdale FRPS ‘The Factory’ (Jo's FRPS panel)
‘My Adopted Family’
+ The Len Deeley Memorial PDI Competition judged by Kirsty Ralfs ARPS
17 May 2020 Sam Gregory (from the Togcast, and Light & Land leader) (presentation tba)  
20 September 2020 Paula Davies FRPS & Guy Davies ARPS (presentation tba)  
18 October 2020 Speaker tba (presentation tba)
+ The Millennium Cup Competition for Prints, judged by Rosemary Willman HonFRPS
15 November 2020 Speaker tba (presentation tba)  

So that you can see what we've done in the past, here is a list of our more recent events. Please click on the link, which will either take you to the blog for that event, or the original event information entry.

24 March 2019 Janey Devine FRPS 'Celebrating British Life Today' blog
17 February 2019 Jeremy Walker 'A Life in Landscape' blog
20 January 2019 John Humphrey FRPS 'Creative Photography' blog
18 November 2018 Tracy Willis FSWPP/IFSWPP/Masters 'Open Your Mind with Composites' blog
21 October 2018 Rachael Talibart 'The Limitless Shore'
+ The Millennium Cup Competition for Prints
16 September 2018 Dave Mason 'I Shoot People, Amongst Other Things' blog
20 May 2018 Matt Parry 'Travel Photography - Building a Portfolio, Technique, Ethics and Workflow' blog
22 April 2018 Presentations by Attendees + The Len Deeley Memorial PDI Competition judged by Jim Pascoe BA ABIPP ARPS blog
25 March 2018 Tim Pile FIPF MPAGB EFIAP/p 'Have I Got Nudes For You' and 'Journey to my Fellowship' blog
18 February 2018 Vanda Ralevska 'The Experience of Creating Images' and 'Time to Stand and Stare' blog
21 January 2018 Tony Worobiec FRPS 'Landscape Whatever The Weather' and 'Night and Low Light Photography' blog
12 November 2017 Paul Mitchell FRPS 'Woodland Ways' and 'Spirit of Light' blog
15 October 2017 Robert Albright HonFRPS 'The Drama of AV', and 'Future of The RPS'
+ The Millennium Cup Competition for Prints
10 September 2017 Terry Hewlett ARPS 'Studio Lighting - Portrait and Film Noir' blog
21 May 2017 Presentations by Attendees + The Len Deeley Memorial PDI Competition judged by Leo Rich ARPS DPAGB blog
23 April 2017 Andrew Mills ARPS 'The Art of Photography - Lighting for Still Life' blog
26 March 2017 Paul Sanders 'Pictures on a Page' and 'The Mind's Eye' blog
19 February 2017 Mike McNamee FRPS 'Digital Image Evolution' blog
15 January 2017 Colin Harrison FRPS 'Digital Adventure' blog
20 November 2016 Paul Gallagher ARPS and Mike Jones ARPS 'The Colour Managed Workflow and Printing' blog
16 October 2016 Presentations by Attendees + The Millennium Cup Competition for Prints judged by Chris Palmer FRPS blog blog
September 2016 Andy Beel FRPS and Prof Bob Ryan ARPS FRSA 'Me and my Eye' and
'Rewiring the Photographers' Brain'
May 2016 Bernie Raffe AMPA 'Off Camera Flash' practical workshop
+ The Len Deeley Memorial PDI Competition
April 2016 Tigz Rice 'Boudoir Photography' and 'Post Production' info
March 2016 Adrian & Jane Lines 'Altered Reality ...better than the real thing' and more blog
February 2016 Tom Way
Eva Worobiec
'Wildlife Through A Lens' and
'Working in Themes'
January 2016 Jerry Webb 'Monochrome with an Edge' blog
November 2015 Ken Scott ARPS BSc (Hons) Psych Presentation
+ The Millennium Cup Competition for Prints
October 2015 Leigh Preston FRPS EFIAP MPAGB 'Hallmarks and Performances' blog
September 2015 Matthew Emmett 'Forgotten Heritage Photography' blog
May 2015 Peter Campbell-Burns and Danny Thomas 'Introduction to Astrophotography'
+ our PDI competition
April 2015 Colin Trow-Poole FRPS FIPF MPAGB 'Photo Medley' info
March 2015 Julian Rouse LRPS 'Lightroom Workflow in Depth' info
February 2015 Jeff Morgan 'Gadgets and Gizmos' info
January 2015 Clive Haynes FRPS & Martin Addison FRPS 'Photoshop for Mood and Expression and more!' abd 'Foto-Synthesis - On-Screen' info
November 2014 Presentations by Attendees + The Millennium Cup Competition for Prints info
October 2014 Dr Peter Walmsley LRPS 'Club Judging: How's it going?' and 'Practical Stock photography' info
September 2014 Rikki O'Neill 'Visual Alchemy' blog
May 2014 Dr Tony Kaye 'Getting Value from your Pixels'
+ our PDI competition
April 2014 Guy Gowan 'Efficient Workflow for High Quality Results' blog
March 2014 Emily Hancock ARPS FBIPP 'The Business of Photography, Training, and Qualifications' blog
February 2014 Glyn Dewis 'Successful Shoots...Guaranteed!', 'Portraits Packed Full of Character' and 'Photoshop Fast & Furious' info
January 2014 Eddie Ephraums 'Many Ways of Seeing' and 'The Language of the Print' info