Info for Speakers & Judges


Our Programme Secretary will discuss full details of your visit with you well in advance of the event.
We have a couple of online forms for your convenience and to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day. Through these forms you can tell us all we need to know about your presentation and your technical requirements; they also give you an opportunity to put to us any questions you may have. The web address for these forms will be advised by our Programme Secretary.


Woosehill Community Hall is a modern purpose-built venue well suited to our needs. We can be flexible in our layout to best fit the needs of our presenter and audience, but the plan above shows our usual arrangement.
The Hall comfortably accommodates an audience of 90, for viewing our 10ft x 7ft6in projection screen. We have prints stands to accommodate around 30 standard mounted prints, which can be placed wherever appropriate on the day. Our illuminated print easel, which can simultaneously accommodate up to three standard mounted prints, can also be sited wherever best suited.
We offer our presenters the use of a professional radio 'head microphone' which feeds our stereo PA speakers sited either side of the projection screen.
For connection of a presenter's own laptop to our Canon SX80 MkII projector, we carry a wide range of adaptors and converters to ensure we can connect virtually any Mac or PC laptop via our DVI-I cable.



Woosehill map for Speakers

Woosehill Community Hall
Emmview Close
Berkshire  RG41 3DA

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ASSISTANCE: Anyone at the event will be pleased to assist at any time, but you can identify members of the Committee by their RED lanyards and badges.

OUR PROJECTOR AND CONNECTING TO IT: Information about our projector and connection options is available HERE (PDF download).

NO LAPTOP? We have a laptop available for your use at an event. Details HERE (PDF download).
OR ... want to give your presentation without the use of a laptop? The information on doing this is HERE (PDF download).

OTHER INFORMATION will be provided by our Programme Secretary as required.