Canine adventures in a world of composites

22 November 2018

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

On Sunday 18th November a record number of attendees at DIG Thames Valley were treated to a masterclass in composites by Tracy Willis FSWPP IFSWPP/Masters. She began by describing how she created her Fellowship panel featuring her own dogs, mice and the occasional lizard in a range of surprising adventures. As is often the case with successful practitioners, Tracy is modest about her talents and achievements. No matter how many times she said “Anyone can do this...” it was clear that Tracy has developed a formidable skill for converting ideas into unique high quality images.

Having identified a strong storyline, often the hardest part of the process, Tracey described how she gathers together the components to create an image. Images shot in local antiques centres, shops and museums all feature in her work. The process could be likened to the creation of a theatre company prop store but with digital images replacing the physical objects.

The afternoon session consisted of Tracy generously sharing her technical knowledge by illustrating the process of building a composite in real time on screen. Beginning with selecting and manipulating the background she then described how to photograph the key subjects, position the props, and manipulate the colour of the individual elements to ensure a uniform tone. Judging by the amount of note taking by the audience the techniques illustrated are now being replicated on computers across the Thames Valley region!

A great day summed up by one attendee who emailed us after the event to say “What a fantastic presentation, right up my street."

Thank you Tracy for a great day.

After the event, Tracy told us: "... thank you so much for inviting me to speak. I had a great time and I loved the warm welcome I received and the enthusiasm of your members".

Tracey Willis pictured with Mike Taylor RPS Chief Operating Officer (left) and Chas Hockin LRPS DIG Website Editor (right)

Author: Chris Tank - DIG Thames Valley
Event photography by Marilyn Taylor ARPS