DIG Thames Valley Centre's PDI Competition

28 April 2019

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

The DIG Thames Valley Centre's PDI Competition, held on 28 april 2019, drew a total of 40 entries. Honest, constructive, and occasionally amusing, critiques were offered by our excellent judge for the event, Jay Charnock FRPS.

Our Trophy winner was Steven Galvin LRPS (above), with 'Have We Made a E-Uge Mistake?'

Second was John Jennings ARPS (above) with 'Shapes', and third went to Tim Clarke (below) with 'In Flight'.

Our Highly Commendeds (below) were: David Pearson ARPS; John Jennings ARPS; Carol Drew; Lesley Taylor LRPS; John Scotten ARPS.

These and all other entries can be seen in our competition gallery - see link on Thames Valley Centre's 'Our PDI Competition' page.

Words and photo by Alan Cross LRPS