A panorama of landscapes

18 February 2019

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

A fully-engaging day of photographic treats awaited another packed hall, at the hands of Jeremy Walker. Jeremy showed stunning images throughout the day, ranging from spectacular colourful landscapes and seascapes to the subtleties of gentle mist-laden views, carefully explaining his compositions and approaches. His approach paid little heed to standard club judging, with a couple of references to the 'composition police'! He certainly thought nothing of a two-mile trudge, fully-laden with camera gear, in atrocious weather, to get the shot he had pre-planned. His prints ranged from shoots for clients, through images created during his workshops, to purely personal material. He illustrated the differing requirements of commercial landscape photography - images that sell - rather than 'club' images. At two extemes, he showed his 'vertical' landscapes (counter-intuitive, but perfect for selling as a cover shot), and also his 16:7 stitched panoramas (his prefered personal style). He explained that, while including people in 'club' landscapes was usually a no-no, for commercial shoots it was often a requirement, to engage the human interest angle and also to show a sense of scale.
Jeremy has travelled all over the world doing shoots for clients, and regaled us with many pictures and amusing stories from his photographic travels.
A perfect blend of both personal and commercial images delighted Jeremy's audience throughout the day - even during his lunch-break, when he was happy to take time to discuss his prints with attendees (see photo). So a big thank you to Jeremy from the DIG Thames Valley Centre, and all who were present.

After the event, Jeremy said: "A pleasure to talk to the RPS Digital Imaging Group on Sunday and thank you to your members for such a warm welcome."

Words and text: Alan Cross