Different, Distinctive, and Personal

21 January 2019

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

An audience of aroud 90 people enjoyed a day of truly creative photography on Sunday 20 January. John Humphrey FRPS gave us an illuminating insight into his creative mind, and explained how he develops his ideas and takes them to the creation of exciting works of art. His definition of 'creative' was summed up as 'different, distinctive, and personal', amply illustrated in his own work.

He shared a mixture of the near-abstract to high quality macro images, ranging from flowers (his first passion) to insects and landscapes. What was particularly instructive was his application of his techniques to images from a wide range of genres, showing that there is an opportunity for each of us to be a lot more creative in our own personal areas of photography. We enjoyed the interactive nature of his presentations, when he invited us to give opinions on whether 'this treatment' or 'that treatment' actually 'worked'. He was also happy to show the images that didn't work, to emphasise the strengths in the ones that did.

The day was a perfect blend of the artistic and the technical, with John describing the Photoshop tools he used for various treatments, but without getting bogged down in the 'nuts and bolts' of Photoshop itself. We all came away with new ideas to try.

John's superbly-balanced content and exciting images, along with his gentle (and sometimes self-effacing!) humour thoughout all parts of his presentation, ensured that all who attended the DIG Thames Valley Centre's first event of 2019 came away instructed, enlightened, entertained, and inspired. Thank you, John.

After the event, John himself told us "... it was a pleasure to present to such a friendly audience"

Photo: John Humphrey chatting with some of the attendees at the Thames Valley Centre event. © Marilyn Taylor
Text: Alan Cross