A day with Simon Weir - Infra-red photography

20 May 2019

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

I usually go along to help out and attend at my local Thames Valley DIG Centre as they have a full season of talks. Talks are on a variety of subjects and are informative. On Sunday 19th May Simon Weir gave us an insight into infra-red photography.  Sometimes speakers just show us their portfolio or do a practical session. Not with Simon. First off, he gave us the history of IR photography, then the science, then he did a practical demonstration using the various methods of producing an image, then a practical post-processing workshop, and then he finished with a selection from his portfolio. So, we had the full range of his experience – which I can guess is pretty extensive. His talk generated a lot of interest – so much so that we had to give him a break at lunchtime, as people asked him questions to assist them in their understanding. Simon also provided a 4-page handout which will allow the audience to follow up for themselves. (Including a neat trick to remove people from a busy scene!). As a person who takes IR photographs, it was especially interesting, but I could tell that others were absorbed, not least by Simon's presentation skills.

Chas Hockin DIG Web Content Editor. (Image © Janice Payne)