Guy Edwardes spends a day with DIG Thames Valley

22 September 2019

SIG: Digital Imaging Thames Valley

What a treat was in store for those who attended RPS Digital Imaging Group at the Thames Valley Centre on 15th September 2019. We were treated to a wonderful day of photography from Guy Edwardes reviewing his 25 years as a professional photographer.

During the day we were shown a total of over 600 images, Guy started the day by showing us amazing images of the wildlife from, what has become his favourite place, the rainforest in Costa Rica. What a vast variety of creatures and birds can be captured there, a place for the bucket list without doubt. He then moved on to Botswana and the Kruger national park, showing us encounters with animals away from the crowds and pictures that you may normally never see. We had a brief visit to Japan, a place he intends to revisit now that he has found places off the beaten track. The wildlife section ended with the rather comical Dalmatian Pelicans at Lake Kirkini  in Northern Greece, making wonderful subjects because they come so close, it can be difficult to fit them in the shot.

You may have seen the winning image of a Dalmatian Pelican ‘Dancing on Ice’ in the recent Bird Photographer of the Year Competition, it was taken on one of his workshops, the winner was sitting almost next to Guy, who was somewhat dismayed that his picture did not come out quite so well, albeit one any of us would have been thrilled with!

Guy had brought along some of his equipment, which he demonstrated throughout the day, including the importance of calibrating our lenses after a trip to very cold or very hot places. Showing us the pitfalls, you can fall into along the way with gear and recommending many accessories, leaving us with a long wish list. He even demonstrated the best way to pack and carry your luggage when travelling by air. Most of the recommendations can be found on his website or in his subscription newsletters, along with personal reviews and links showing where to purchase them.

We moved on to some beautiful close up images of Wildflowers and Fungi from places abroad such as Bulgaria and to those found in his home county of Dorset and the UK. He gave us all some instruction on the various ways in which to get the best results from these subjects.

Finally, we were captivated by his stunning landscapes, some had been taken on his travels, but a good number were taken very close to his home counties in places that he revisits regularly. Once again endorsing how important it is to get to know these places well and you will be rewarded.

Words by Janice Payne ARPS
Photo © Mandy Willard