Team Members of the DG

Committee Members of the DG


Chairman : Mo Connelly LRPS

Retired from the UN refugee agency after a career as a workaholic, frequently living in a tent on remote borders in troubled regions.   Have now achieved my work-life balance by getting a life after work.   What do I like?   Photography, photographers, being at home, travelling and people who respect human rights.   What do I dislike? The fact that I am becoming a grumpy old woman and actually enjoying it.

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Treasurer : Justin Cliffe LRPS

‘I have been interested in photography since my late teens however family and work commitments took then priority and I’ve really only got back to it over the past 5 years since retiring from a life in the City.

I joined the RPS, and the DVJ group, about 4 years ago and was awarded my LRPS in 2013. I am also a member of Woking Photographic Society and the Street Photography London collective.

My particular interest is ‘street photography’, something that I’m able to combine with my part time work for a charity in London.’

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Secretary : David Barnes LRPS

I have long been interested in photography. I annoyed my three children by photographing each of them at least once every month from the day they were born until they were old enough to say “no”.  I have a stock of embarrassing images to be used at weddings whenever they happen. I retired in 2005 with the intention of taking photographs. I photograph a variety of sports and life on the street. My time is split between my own photographic projects, supporting my local photographic society and rugby club.

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Sub-groups Coordinator and Representative on the Advisory Board: Gordon Bates LRPS

I joined the RPS in 2013 and was awarded my LRPS in 2014.  My main interest is in documentary and street photography and I have been a member of the Documentary Group since joining the Society.  I was instrumental in forming a Documentary Group in the Northern Region in 2015.  My other involvement with photography is as a trustee and board member of the arts organisation, Multistory, in the West Midlands.

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