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12 March 2014

SIG: Documentary

Being basically computer illiterate and only recently working out the difference between Tweeting and Trolling (LOL!) I’m attempting to write a Blog without fully understanding its boundaries.  So, I have no idea what subjects are taboo, what language I can or cannot use and even if pictures are allowed.  Like most people I suppose, Google helps.  I know it has to be chronological and can be diary-like or journalistic or a combination of several elements and I suppose at my advanced years I should give it a go.... YOLO!

Here goes then:

First a comment about a young lady who will (if all goes well) be the subject of a forthcoming article... Anastasia Taylor-Lind... who, as I write this, is still in Kiev and has been there recording the events of the past month from Maidan Square itself.  Not only has Anastasia been making her own, at times, very painful record of events but has also helped Magnum’s Larry Towell as well.  It is certainly worth looking at their work from both a photojournalistic point of view and from the artistic one as well... they provide a salutary lesson in selectivity.  Both have been shooting film!

On a personal level I’m now involved in a project to photograph the sculptor Fenwick Lawson and to use those images to illustrate his words.  A humble and very humane man with a leonine look and an impish grin, his work concentrates upon religious themes but with a universality that allows for easy accessibility. 

 ©John Cogan ARPS

This is Fen caught in Durham Cathedral where several of his works are housed.


I’ve just returned from a trip to Salisbury.  Never been there before and if you want a decent bakery there’s one in the Market Square (though maybe not quite as good as Bryson’s in Keswick Market Place.. try their plum bread if you don’t believe me).  Not only that but many of the pubs carry ales and beers from proper local breweries, and sublime West Country cider...

with acknowledgements to Salisbury Cathedral and the family of the young gentleman.  The photograph is mine... sort the copyright out on this one.

The handsome young gentleman in the picture above is from a commemorative plaque in Salisbury Cathedral.  Granted, it doesn’t look like that in situ and I’ve worked on it in Snapseed to create the artistic effect but if any face were to sum up a lost generation of subalterns then I reckon it’s this one. 

There... my first blog, though I have no idea if that’s what passes for a blog.  Still, the joy of the blog is that it’s interactive and someone will let me know soon enough... assuming anyone reads it?

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13 March 2014

From one old codger to another. Your visit to Salisbury brought back many memories of my time in and around the town. I served my National Service at RAF Old Sarum from 1958 to 1960. Now a private airfield about three miles from Salisbury it's home now to the Boscombe Down flight museum. Not been back since it became a private airfield.
During my time at Old Sarum I attended a photographic course at the Salisbury College of Art, an excuse to get away from the station for a few hours.

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12 March 2014

And I've read it, so there are two of us! And I enjoyed it. I agree with mevely, that there are no fixed rules. I'm also very impressed with your grasp of the acronyms - I thought I knew them all, but I had to google YOLO:-)

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12 March 2014

Well I have read it on the same day as it was published so you have at least one reader. In many respects there are no boundaries on what can go into a blog, more where the blog is published and what is appropriate for that audience.

It reads better than many who blog full time, I would be interested to know more about your projects and your back ground and perhaps exactly how old are you?

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