DVJ AGM on 10th May

18 May 2015

SIG: Documentary

Resolutions adopted at the Documentary and Visual Journalism Group AGM held on 10th May 2015

1.      Resolution regarding the title of the Documentary and Visual Journalism Group

The members of the DVJ request the Council of The Royal Photographic Society to change the name of the group from Documentary and Visual Journalism Group to the Documentary Group.

This change is requested in view of the fact that there are few, if any, visual journalist members of the group and the title Documentary covers the range of photographic interests of the group.  

Proposed by: Mo Connelly, LRPS, DVJ Chair

Seconded by: Lionel Squire, ARPS, DVJ Treasurer

(There was one vote against and one abstention)

This resolution was passed to the Director General of the RPS and was formally approved by Council on 18th May.   We are now offically the Documentary Group (DG).

2.      Resolution regarding DVJ workshop discounts

The committee proposes DVJ members continue to receive a single £10 discount for participation in a DVJ workshop from 11 may 2015 until the next AGM.

Proposed by:   Justin Cliffe, ARPS, DVJ Treasurer

Seconded by:   Maureen Connelly, LRPS, DVJ chair

This resolution was unanimously agreed.   Do not forget to claim your discount if you sign up for any DVJ paid event.

3.      Resolution regarding fees for the DVJ

The DVJ proposes:

  1. Not to increase membership fees of the DVJ and to continue with a £15 per year charge for members in the uk
  1. To charge overseas members £5 per year for membership

Proposed:   Mo Connelly, LRPS DVJ Chair   

Seconded:   Justin Cliffe, ARPS, DVJ Treasurer

This Resolution was unanimously agreed.   RPS Bath has been notified.   With regard to overseas members fees RPS Bath inform us they have to look into what action needs to be taken to change their automated systems before we can proceed to reduce fees.   As soon as we hear from them the new reduced rate for overseas members will come into effect.