Events at the IWM

20 January 2016

SIG: Documentary


Four events at the IWM that may be of interest:

1.        On 4 February a small exhibition will open by Nick Danziger , Hon FRPS, from his major study for the International Red Cross, ‘Eleven Women Facing War’ It will run concurrently with Lee Miller until the end of April. (  It will present Danziger’s view (and that of the Red Cross) of the impact of contemporary conflict on women's lives and will therefore provide visitors with further insight regarding the photography of women, the impact of conflict on women’s lives and the importance of NGOs as enablers of documentary photography today. 

 2.       On Saturday 27 February at 2 pm, Hilary Roberts will be giving a (free) gallery talk entitled Vogue Magazine at War.  This will mark the centenary of British Vogue magazine, itself a product of the First World War.  The event is free but ticketed.  Tickets can be booked online at the link below.

3.   On Tuesday 23 February at 2 pm, Hilary Roberts will be in conversation with Nick Danziger about his work and the impact of war on women's lives.  Again, this event is free but ticketed.   The event has not yet been advertised online).

4.  In connection with International Women's Day in March an event entitled Women and War Photography will be take place. Hilary Roberts will be in conversation with photographers Lisa Barnard, Alison Baskerville and Chantelle Cook (an armed forces photographer), on Saturday 19 March at 2 pm talking about how they photograph conflict today.  Again, this is free but ticketed (see )