Then and Now Photography of the First World War

27 January 2017

SIG: Documentary

Towards the end of 2016 the Documentary Group was approached by Dr. James Wallis, an Associate Research Fellow at Exeter University, with an invitation to work on a project looking at the importance of First World War photography in a "Then and Now" Framework. The project will be led by Professor David Harvey and Dr. James Wallis of Exeter University.

In 2014 the Documentary Group ran a short project to mark the beginning of World War I. Much of the work of 2014 is documented here. The proposed project, the scope of which is yet to be defined, will run during 2017 only. A workshop which will be at no charge to RPS Members will be held in March to explore project scope with the aid of subject matter experts.

Members of the Documentary Group and wider RPS are invited to join this project.

The image at the top of this post is a view looking out over Hooge battlefield taken in October 2014. There are comparable images in the collections of the Imperial War Museum.