In focus Friday - Ann Summers

12 January 2018

SIG: Documentary

This week the winner of the Doc Group's October competition (gallery link here) talks us through his entry and provides a couple of handy hints on how we can improve.

Hi, Stephen. Can you give us a little background about the shot?

I'm not really working on a specific project at the moment but slowly building a portfolio of "street and street art". I'm always on the lookout for additions to my portfolio and I saw the potential for a shot here, so thought I'll wait for a few minutes to see if someone interesting walks by. This Ann Summers is on a corner so there are two chances of someone walking by and interacting with the window display. The woman walked straight by and her clothing just fitted perfectly. Sometimes you get lucky like that.

What was your plan for the day?

I visit London most Fridays, usually walk around the West End, Soho (of course) and Shoreditch and maybe visit an exhibition. I just try to be alert and aware of interesting people and situations. I miss a lot so I keep practising.

What’s your routine just before heading out with your camera?

Check my batteries are charged, and decide on the lenses to take, Lumix 14-42 vario, Lumix 20 1.7 pancake, Olympus 9-16, rarely all three

While you’re out what makes you press the shutter release?

Something or someone that I find interesting

Where can we find more of your work?

I post as slmimages on flickr (link)

What’s the best purchase you’ve made for less than £100?

A wrist strap, no question.

What do you think photographers don’t do but should?

To push it and work out of their comfort zone.

what essential piece of advice would give your noviceself?

To push it and work out of my comfort zone!

Thanks Stephen. Great advice.In this series of blog posts we take a look at strong documentary images from our members to provide an insight into the thought processes which went into making them.