Group Committee members

Here are the names of the current officers and members of the Imaging Science Group Committee following the Group’s Annual General Meeting on 1 October 2014. The Imaging Science Group Committee meets regularly throughout the year and is always seeking input from members.

Dr Ken MacLennan-Brown
Acting Chairman
Ken has a BSc(Hons) in Photographic and Electronic Image Science and a PhD in electronic image quality from the University of Westminster. Between degrees he was a colour scientist at Crossfield Electronics. During the last six years he has been conducting research and writing guidance around low quality security imagery for the Home Office. This has led to several publications and the devising and delivery of various training courses. Currently he is a consultant technical author for a number of agencies concerned with security imaging. He has been an avid photographer since childhood, being professionally involved in both studio photography and monochrome printing. Outside of work Ken is a keen wildlife and underwater photographer, who has dived extensively in the tropics and travelled widely, mainly in Africa and South/Central America.

Dr Richard Stevens ASIS FRPS
Hon. Secretary
Richard studied physics at University College London and joined the National Physical Laboratory in 1967. His career has been in the field of optical metrology, developing and applying techniques for optical measurements traceable to national standards. This has involved two- and three-dimensional imaging, holography, interferometry and microoptics. Richard is also a member of BSI technical committee CPW172, developing international standards for the optical industries.

Dr Mike Christianson ASIS FRPS
Hon. Treasurer
After leaving university, where he studied chemistry, Mike worked for 30 years in the Research Division at Kodak Limited in Harrow, North London. For the majority of that time he worked in a problem analysis role, supporting all areas of manufacturing within the company as well as analysing marketing and customer problems. His expertise is in the fundamental processes associated with latent image formation and detection in conventional Silver Halide photographic materials and the technology of their manufacture.

His involvement in the RPS has included five years as Chief Editor of the Imaging Science Journal and Chairman of the Imaging Science Group Committee. At present he is the Treasurer of the Group, the organiser of its annual series of informative symposiums entitled “Good Picture” and sits on the managing board of the Society’s Imaging Science Qualifications.

Professor Francis Ring DSc ASIS FRPS
Industrial & Acad. Liaison
Francis is a semi-retired Clinical Scientist, formerly Director of Imaging and Clinical Measurement at The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases Foundation Trust Hospital in Bath. Since 2001 he has been Director of The Medical Imaging Research Unit at The University of Glamorgan in Pontypridd, Wales. He has held a number of posts in the International Societies for Medical Thermology, having now more than 50 years’ experience in the development of infrared thermal imaging in medicine. He has also been involved in the development of quantitative radiology for bone mineral measurement for osteoporosis. He is still actively involved in the applications of digital imaging technology in medicine for the objective measure of disease and its response to treatments. His involvement with the RPS has continued for over 30 years with The Science Council, The Imaging Science Journal, and the Imaging Science Group, where he is currently the Industrial and Academic Liaison Officer.

Mr Phil Ellis ASIS FRPS
Publicity and Webmaster
After graduating in chemistry at University College London, Phil spent most of his working life in Kodak’s R&D Labs at Harrow, initially working on printing plates, in particular the polymers used in creating the images. His career then turned towards information science, technical documentation and patents, plus further university education (in Information Science) and an assignment to Eastman Kodak in Rochester, USA. In addition to being a long serving member of the Imaging Science Group committee he is also the Group’s webmaster. He was editor of the RPS publication “Imaging Abstracts” for over 25 years, seeing it through the transition from hardcopy to digital in the early 1980's until it ceased publication in 2009. Phil was awarded the RPS Fenton Medal in 2012.

Mr Derek Birch ASIS HonFRPS
Ex-officio, RPS President
As well as currently being vice-president of the RPS, Derek has maintained his involvement with the committee of the Imaging Science Group after stepping down from being secretary, on-and-off, for many years. He was originally “volunteered” to join the RPS by a senior manager early in his 32 year career with Kodak Limited at Harrow in R&D, with over 5 years on assignments to Eastman Kodak in the USA. He had come in with a chemistry degree from Imperial College and started with fundamental studies of silver halide emulsions, including electron microscopy and grain sizing, moving on to chemical and spectral sensitization – the tools for enhancing the speed and broadening the wavelength sensitivities of photographic films and papers – and later advanced-technology emulsion making. His product work was on high-speed colour negative films, colour print paper and graphics film developments. Although interested in digital technology, his more detailed knowledge is located in the traditional understanding of photographic emulsions. His personal interests are rooted in the science and technology of imaging which can lead to fascination with the range from earliest historical photographs to the latest digital imaging.

Dr Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS
Co-opted corresponding member
Alan has a BSc in colorant chemistry and a PhD in instrumentation, both from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Manchester. He spent 22 years with Ilford Imaging in the UK, first in Image Science R&D then moving on through a number of technical and commercial roles. The applications covered a wide field, from particle physics through holography to fine art glass plates. He followed the technology as it migrated from silver halide to inkjet, finally managing R&D and Technical Services groups active in industrial and creative inkjet application development. For 4 years he ran a consultancy business focussing on image science in optics and inkjet printing. After 7 years in Security Printing with 3M he is now back with his consultancy business.

In addition to The RPS Alan has been Chair of the Institute of Physics Printing and Graphics Science Group and President of the Society for Imaging Science & Technology (IS&T). He chairs the UK group active in ISO standards for Photography and is technical lead for the UK on ISO standards for Image Permanence. He is the recipient of the 2012 HP Image Permanence award.

Dr Hani Muammar
Hani received his BSc (1984) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from University Collge, Cardiff, his MSc (1986) in Digital Electronics from King’s College, London and a PhD (1990) in Computer Vision from Southampton University. From 1990 to 2009 he worked at the research laboratories at Kodak Limited in the UK on a wide range of photographic and image quality related projects including the development of novel approaches to improving the quality of images acquired using film scanners and digital still cameras. After leaving Kodak he worked as a consultant where he developed a GUI for simulating a digital image sensor. From 2010 to 2011 he was senior lecturer and visiting lecturer at the University of Wesminster where he taught and supervised students on the BSc undergraduate course in Photography and Digital Imaging. In addition to his involvement with the RPS, Hani has been UK Expert to the ISO technical working group on Electronic Still Picture Imaging since 2003 and is project leader for ISO 15739 ‘Noise Measurement’ standard. Hani has authored a book chapter on digital image sensors for the revision of Langford’s Advanced Photography. He is currently a Research Associate at Imperial College, London working on the EU FP7 funded programme, REWIND (Reverse Engineering of Audio-Visual Content Data) that is involved with the development of algorithms and approaches to determining the past history of a digital object.

Dr Sophie Triantaphillidou


Prof. Daniel V. McCaughan OBE PhD DSc FREng ASIS FRPS
Co-opted corresponding member
After receiving a PhD in Atomic Physics, Danny joined Bell Labs in NJ USA, to work in MOS technology and devices. It was an exciting time, MOS integrated circuits were going commercial, and the CCD was invented at the Labs. In 1974, Danny joined RSRE Malvern to run a CCD and MOS group, with digital imaging and signal processing for civil and defence applications including infra-red. In 1981 he joined GEC to direct the Silicon, Compound Semiconductor and Microwave research including a CCD Imaging group that eventually became E2V, and by 1988 was Technical Director of a group of GEC companies. In 1988 in STC he set up a Telecomms Engineering Centre, and eventually became Chief Scientist of Nortel Technology. After running a small Cambridge company, CDT Ltd, which used inkjet printing to make OLED displays, he moved into the Venture Capital world, where he is now CTO of a €190m VC fund, Kernel Capital, based in Ireland. He is a Fellow of The Royal Academy of Engineering, The Irish Academy of Engineering and a number of other professional societies, and has many publications and patents. He is an Honorary Professor of Electrical Engineering at Queen’s University Belfast.

He has had a lifelong interest in photography, the science and technology of digital imaging and signal processing, is current President of the Northern Ireland Photographic Association, and an active member of Donaghadee Camera Club.

Mrs R MacPhee
Co-opted corresponding member