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"Good Picture 2019 - Imaging Revealed" programme announced

For the 17th year, the Imaging Science Group presents "Good Picture", an all-day seminar providing fascinating and accessible insights into how understanding imaging can make you a better photographer.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 11 Jul 2019

ADVANCES Seeing real-world sonic 'booms'

Using a revolutionary schlieren imaging system called AirBOS, NASA scientists have captured images of real-world shock waves interacting from supersonic aircraft flying high above the Mojave Desert in California. The result could be a new generation of quiet supersonic transport.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 09 Mar 2019

ADVANCES Harvard's nanoscale cure for chromatic aberration

Researchers at Harvard have developed a single layer nanoscale coating called a metacorrector that overcomes chromatic aberration. This could lead to a new generation of thinner, lighter optics.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 01 Dec 2018

Imaging Science Group AGM

The Imaging Science Group AGM will be held on Monday 5th November 2018 in London.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 03 Oct 2018

Art Science Symposium Call for Papers

A Call for Papers has been issued for "Transactions: Imaging | Art | Science", a two-day interdisciplinary symposium that will be held at the University of Westminster, London on 26th-27th April 2019

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 23 Jul 2018

Good Picture 2018 tickets now available

Tickets are now available for the ever-popular Good Picture symposium, taking place in London on 8th December.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 16 Jul 2018

ADVANCES Science reveals hidden daguerrotype images

Scientists are using x-ray fluorescence to reveal daguerrotype images that have been lost to corrosion and tarnish that chemistry cannot remove.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 10 Jul 2018

ADVANCES The Global (Shutter) Revolution

Global shutters are the next big thing in imaging sensors. But what is the big deal and what does it mean for photographers?

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 10 Apr 2018

ADVANCES You can't create detail...can you?

In the first of a new series of imaging science blogs, we look at new software that uses artificial intelligence to add textures to images as they are upscaled, apparently putting detail where none previously existed.

Added by SIG: Imaging Science on 30 Jan 2018

Combined Royal Colleges Medal Lecture 2017

Craniofacial Analysis and Depiction

Added by SIG: Nature on 27 Nov 2017