Field trip to Chichester - report

13 April 2016

SIG: Landscape

Image (c) Shirley Graber


The Landscape group's inaugural field trip headed to Chichester for some urban photography and then moved on to West Wittering for some coastal scenes. Paul Graber wrote this report.

We were blessed with sunshine for the morning of the new RPS Landscape Group’s very first event, which took place in Chichester on Saturday 2nd April. Although we didn’t know it when we planned the event, it turned out to be a morning when Chichester town centre was bursting with photographers - apart from the 14 of us, there was an exhibition by the Focus Group, six of Chichester Camera Club’s leading photographers, to which we were cordially invited by Iain McGowan FRPS - and also the local camera shop was running an Olympus experience day, which I would have found very tempting, had I not already been occupied elsewhere. After a couple of hours to photograph the Cathedral and the other tempting opportunities afforded by the centre of Chichester, we met up at the local Pizza Express, which gave a relaxed opportunity for participants to chat and exchange news and views over a meal.

After lunch, we had another hour or so to investigate the town centre before moving on to West Wittering, well known as an excellent site for long exposure photography, while also providing plenty of opportunity for the more conventional sort. Unfortunately our luck with the weather ran out at Wittering, so that although we all managed to get some shots, no one hung around for the intended sunset finish- because by then it was raining heavily.

Despite the wet finish, it seems that participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves - in the satisfaction survey I ran after the event, the event was given an average of 9 out of 10 - and all seem keen to get together again under the auspices of the new Group. With members willing to travel from as far away as Worcestershire and Cambridgeshire, distance seems to be only a minor obstacle, and the Group can consider itself successfully under way.

To see more images from this trip visit the gallery at{04A60CEB-6CC9-45BF-947B-8A42AA97DE66}


Image (c) Cliff Marsh


Image (c) David Balaam


Image (c) Gordon Gentles


Image (c) Margaret Rainey


Image (c) Nick Bowman


Image (c) Paul Graber


Image (c) Paul Stone


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Emily Mathisen
14 April 2016

Some really lovely and diverse images from what sounds a productive and fun day. Thank you for sharing.

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