New Landscape special interest group launched

05 January 2016

SIG: Landscape

The RPS's newest special interest group - the Landscape SIG - has been launched today and membership is already growing rapidly with over 90 members already.  

With the group being so new, all plans are currently provisional but it is intended that there will be a series of informative and interesting visits, talks and activities throughout the year, spread around the country so as to enable participation by as many people as possible.  Keep an eye on our blog and events pages for details as they become available.

Membership costs £15 per year and you can join on the Join A Group page of this website.

The group is currently run by a committee of RPS members who have volunteered to serve on a provisional basis until the first elections are held.


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Martyn Richardson
09 January 2016

Thanks for creating this group. I've just joined. I've always found it odd we haven't had a landscape group before. Well done.

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Landscape Group
06 January 2016

Thanks Trevor!

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05 January 2016

Congratulations. I've submitted a set of Lake District photos from last November to the Galleries to mark this auspicious occasion!

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