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04 March 2016

SIG: Landscape

Members of the Landscape Group might be interested to know that their genre is often under-represented amongst submissions for the RPS' annual International Print competition.  The 159th annual competition has now opened and the closing date for submissions is 31st May.  For details, see either the March edition of The Journal or the competition website page.  Selected entries will feature in The Society's flagship exhibition which will go on tour to six venues around the UK.

The announcement of the competition in The Journal doesn't go as far as saying that under-represented genres will be looked upon more favorably by the judges (!) but it does say that the "expert panel of selectors will be looking for a rich diversity of work for the exhibition".

Image © Joanne Coates. Liznojan 

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Emily Mathisen
07 March 2016

Thank you for your feedback. I have passed your comments to the Exhibitions and Distinctions departments for their consideration. Good luck with your entry dbalaam!

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06 March 2016

I agree with these comments and I will be entering some landscape images myself. Also pleased that we now have a Landscape group, in which I hope to participate regularly.

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04 March 2016

If you go to the competition home page the featured images all include people and most are of the social-documentary type. This is hardly encouraging to the humble landscape photographer to enter this competition. These images are great examples of that genre but there does appear to be a bias away from landscape photography in both this competition and the society as a whole.

It has often puzzled me why the RPS chooses to have Associateship categories for Natural History and Travel but not for Landscape. The example galleries in the ARPS distinction successes again are all very good, but you're hard pressed to find an example involving landscapes. All this has made me feel in the past that the RPS doesn't value landscape work as much as other types.

I was extremely happy to see the formation of the Landscape Specialist Group and I have joined this today. I am sincerely hoping this is the start of a more valued approach to Landscape photography by the Society. You only need to look at the popular photographic press and competitions such as the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition to see the popularity of this genre in the country.

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