Winners announced - USA Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016

23 November 2016

SIG: Landscape

Image: Highly Commended Classic View - Green Dream (c) Michael Ryan


Charlie Waite's Landscape Photographer of the Year (LPOTY) has become somewhat of an institution in the UK.  The competition was founded in 2006 and has, since 2013, had a sister competition on the other side of the Atlantic.  The 2016 results have just been announced and, as can be expected, include some wonderful images.  Here is just a small selection of my personal favourites.


Runner Up Classic View - Lost (c) Long Nguyen



Highly Commended Classic View - Supercell storm over farmland (c) Richard Powell


Overall Winner - Sunrise light illuminates Mount Rainier as it rises above low clouds seen from high above Tipsoo Lake (c) Alex Noriega


Highly Commended Classic View - The Tarn Reeds (c) Tex Schneider


Urban youth Winner - The Golden Gate Bridge as seen from Fort Point in San Francisco (c) Kyle Wolfe


DPR Special Award youth Winner - Point Reyes Slanted Tree California (c) Mark Basarab


Images reproduced by kind permission of USA Landscape Photographer of the Year


Mark Reeves LRPS, Landscape Group web editor