Landscape Group member invited to exhibit her work

21 September 2016

SIG: Landscape

Lin Gregory, LRPS, and a member of the Landscape Group has been invited by Antony Penrose, photographer, writer and director of the Lee Miller Archive and the Penrose Collection, to exhibit her ongoing project, “Between Land and Sea” at the Farley Farm Gallery, Farley Farm House – Home of the Surrealists, Muddles Green, Chiddingly, East Sussex.

“Between Land and Sea” represents a journey along the East Sussex coast, capturing the landmarks that occupy the space where the land meets the sea. Lin uses “Slow Photography” to record the interaction between the land and the sea to convey the sense of tranquillity experienced walking in this landscape and evoke a feeling for the solidity yet impermanence of our coastline, both natural and manmade.

The seed of this project first came to Lin in 2010 after Hastings Pier was the subject of an arson attack that threatened its existence. As a local photographer Lin saw the pier as a focal point when walking along the seafront. Yet, after the fire, the possibility of there being an empty space where the remains of the pier stood led Lin to document the place between land and sea, capturing the many structures along the ever-changing coast before they too are destroyed or reshaped by the sea.

For the pier there has been a new beginning yet for many of the other structures their future is less secure. From an abandoned fishing boat, various groynes and shipping markers that erode and are replaced, piers that burn and are ravaged by the sea, a lighthouse living on the edge, to a place of lost souls, eroded cliffs and a historic harbour arm left to deteriorate. Forms, seemingly always present, yet in a constant state of flux - nothing stays the same.

This exhibition is made up of 28 framed black and white fine art photographs printed on archival paper. All prints are for sale framed or unframed – full details can be obtained from Farley Farm Gallery alternatively Lin can be contacted at