The Togcast by Dawn S. Black ARPS

25 November 2017

SIG: Landscape

How often do you see talks by inspiring photographers? If you’re like me – not often enough. This is usually down to where you are based, time constraints and perhaps cost. What if there was some way of hearing what motivates landscape and travel photographers like Charlie Waite, Colin Prior, Mark Littlejohn, Greg Whitton, Thomas Heaton, Susan Brown, Valda Bailey (I could go on…)? How their careers have progressed, how they feel about the images they make? Luckily for us there IS a way!

In September 2016, a new bi-weekly podcast emerged onto the scene – The Togcast - hosted by Sam Gregory and Paul Sanders, an extremely talented and inspirational photographer himself.  29 podcasts later they have established themselves as providing open, often brutally honest, frequently amusing interviews with some fabulous photographers. You cannot fail to be inspired by listening to them. They have now also spread their wings into providing some videos featuring their guests via their website . Over and above that they often have giveaways from their sponsors and competitions and who doesn’t like free stuff?

I absolutely recommend you give it a listen.



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Michael Turner
27 November 2017

As a regular listener to the Togcast, it was exciting to have met Sam Gregory in videographer mode and Paul Sanders as ambassador and later presenter. Honored.

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