Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

The Medical Group was hosted by the Moorfields Eye Hospital (MEH) for their AGM and a talk by Gary Evans ASIS FRPS from the Science Photo Library (SPL) on 16 January.

At the AGM, the following were elected officers:

Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS (Chair)

Bob Tapper ASIS FRPS (Hon Secretary)

Gary Evans ASIS FRPS (Hon Treasurer)

After the AGM and before Gary Evan's presentation, the Group Chairman, Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS, presented Bob Tapper ASIS FRPS with the Chairman's Award. This Award is presented at the personal whim of the Chairman without advice or opinion of any other person. There are no rules laid down as to the purpose of the award but it has often been used to give credit for long-standing service to the Group.

Bob Tapper ASIS FRPS receiving the Chairman's Award from the Group Chair, Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS (photo courtesy Laurence Lane, Moorfield's Eye Hospital)

Gary's presentation was on 'Science and Medicine in Stock Photography'.  It was a joint meeting between the Medical Group of The Royal Photographic Society (RPS) and the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI).  About 50 people attended this meeting including the President, Derek Birch ASIS Hon FRPS, Vice President, Walter Benzie ARPS and Past President, Professor Ralph Jacobson ASIS Hon FRPS. Most of the participants were with Clinical Photography and Ophthalmic Imaging background from the Medical Group (RPS), IMI and Ophthalmic Imaging Association (OIA), Imaging Science Group and the hospital staff. Gary's presentation was excellent, well illustrated with some examples and very informative too. It generated comments and discussions. Questions were answered by Gary Evans and Rose Taylor, Director at Science Photo Library.

Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS thanking Gary Evans ASIS FRPS for his presentation (photo courtesy Laurence Lane, Moorfield's Eye Hospital)

It was indeed a pleasure to see Mr Declan Flanagan, Medical Director at the Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, who welcomed the participants and thanked the RPS for hosting the meeting at the Moorfields Eye Hospital. He also thanked Kulwant Sehmi FRPS and Becky Smith ARPS from the Medical Imaging Department for arranging the meeting at the Moorfileds Eye Hospital. This is not the first time that Kulwant Sehmi has hosted such a meeting at the MEH. I am most grateful to Kulwant for making the venue available to use and for his active participation in the meeting. I would also like to thank Becky Smith for making all the necessary arrangements for the refreshment which was sponsored by the Science Photo Library. The Medical Group is very grateful to the Science Photo Library for sponsoring  the refreshment.


Dr Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS

Chair Medical Group

The Royal Photographic Society