RPS Science Forum

11 March 2015

SIG: Medical

Members of the RPS have access to a depth and breadth of knowledge about all aspects of photography across art and science that is unrivalled by any other photographic society.  In particular, in the Medical, Imaging Science and 3D & Holography special interest groups of the RPS, there is scientific and technical knowledge and experience that can be of benefit to both scientists and non-scientists. To share this knowledge the Society has created a Science Forum to discuss and answer questions that relate to the science and technology of imaging, scientific imaging, medical imaging, 3D, holography etc. It will work on two levels. The forum has a number of specialized in-house ”moderators” who will endeavour to address queries as they get raised, but if they cannot do so satisfactorily, they have a range of additional specialists they can call upon internationally.

This is new and experimental. The Science Committee hopes it will become very successful, and will monitor and review how well the forum meets its goal, and how it could be improved. If you have any queries that lie within the scope of this new forum, please help us to get started by visiting the new forum and posting them at:- http://www.rps.org/rps-forum?g=topics&f=84